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My child was very excited to get star wars. I googled frys, and they said the closes fry's was about an hour area in Torrance. It gave a local 310 phone number. at 7:02 I called from my cell I spoke to Emma, she was very friendly. Emma told me "We have lots of copies!" I said "I am driving a long distance, so I want to make sure" I also verified the location (she said torrance) I also verified it was DVD NOT Blu Ray. I asked if they price match, she told me to bring a screenshot of the price match, so I took a photo of the screen price I had found. Since she was so nice and helpful, I thanked her, and drove the hour to the store. At the store...horrible. First off, the store was practically customers at all. The dvd was not on the shelf. I went to a counter where there was a man and a woman other customers. I asked them where this trilogy is. Very rudely, they told me they didn't have it. I said "But I just called the store an hour ago, and you said you had lots of copies". Without even looking up for his screen, the man said 'You called the call center". I showed him my cell phone log, that it was a local number. I said "she said to come down to torrance" "This is manhattan beach!" said the guy. I inquired if there was another fry's, perhaps in torrance? he said no. I stood there some more. The woman chimed in to say "you called the call center". I tried to explain that there is no way I could have known that...I called a local number, and Emma said "come on down...sounded like I was speaking to the store. But the man dismissed me, saying "there is no such product" Then both man and woman went back to tapping on their computers...what they were doing escapes me, as there were NO other customers there...they must have been updating their social media? I said "'re not going to help me?" They told me again there was no such product (right, because there are no star wars movies? ) I asked the woman for a manager. and she wandered off. I was not sure if this meant she was 1) ignoring me or 2) getting a manager. I waited, no one came back. So I decided it was option 1. The guy was still standing two feet from me, busy tapping into his computer. Still no other customers. Since no one came back, I asked the guy if there was a manager. He mumbled something. I waited another 5 minutes, and I asked again. In all this time, not one other customer has come up to their counter. He got all mad at me and mumbled into his walkie. I used my time to call the fry's number I had called earlier. After 14 min on hold with the number, they found my previous phone call no problem, and I got to sit on the phone for the next hour while the agent would occasionally tell me things like "the manager is reviewing your call". so now I am ignored by both the fry's call center and the fry's employees. finally, the store manager appears. Hiriam Vasquez. Hiriam finds the product no problem in his computer, but no apology. then he wanders off. never comes back. the woman says "what's your phone number?" when I ask her why she's asking this she says, very pissed off ,"I'm giving yo the price match". why are they so mad at me? in all this time, not one other customer has come up to their counter. After an hour, they locate the disc and toss it to me. no apology, only more blame. they tell me "you didn't specify it was dvd/blu ray combo". Uh..1) I didn't know and 2) I had a PHOTO of the product, they could have looked at that..if they had taken 3 minutes to inquire what I was looking for. Something like 'Hi, we don't have it on dvd, but we do have a dvd/blu ray combo. would you like that?" Finally I get to speak to Alicia at the call center. Alicia says I can't do anything the store and the call center are separate entities". Then she tells me her big solution is for me to wait until Monday and call the corporate office. So. 7 pm call 8 arrive at store 9:30 leave store 10:30 arrive home with very tired hungry kid. Out: $35 in gas. dinner for my kid, and $40 fora dvd that should have been two minute purchase, because I called ahead to verify it was in stock, and I had bought the screenshot to price match it . My kid who not only did not get to see star wars, but had to sit in fry's being ignored for 1.5 hours. I paid the price match, and Hiriam gets all pissy on me, declaring "I gave you a discount!" I try to explain that 1) his staff were super rude (he clearly doesn't care, and even efused to give me their names. When I asked his name, he hit his name tag. Ohhhh Kayyyyy...that's not rude? And 2) a price match is a price match. It's not a "I'm so sorry it's taken my staff 90 minutes to locate a dvd for you" discount. There's no mystery why there were no customers in that store!
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Wow I'm sorry for you. I wish we had never came here.

no more!!! Buyer's BEWARE .

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