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DANGER: Spectrum Code Seminars, Portsmouth, RI

I recently attended Spectrum Code Seminars "Solar Energy Workshop" (Oct. 2009). I'm an electrical contractor who has been interested in getting into the Solar PV field for the past few years. I've attended some trade shows and have talked to many people involved in alternative energy, but I have never had the opportunity to attend any "real" class in the subject. Spectrum Code Seminars has been sending me fliers for years advertising their code seminars, but I had yet to attend any of their classes, based primarily on the fact that they charge much more than others... but when I saw they offered a solar energy workshop, I thought it would be a good opportunity to get more involved. Boy, was this a mistake! They advertise the seminar as follows: "Solar Energy Photo voltaic Systems Workshop Photo voltaic Renewable Energy Systems Wiring Methods Presented by Professionals in Residential Battery-Less Grid Tiered Systems Compliance with the National Electric Code, Rebate Incentives Net Metering Installations, Interconnected Agreements 6 hours $125.00 Breakfast Buffet Included" The location, for me, is a hour drive away... so I figured I'd skip breakfast at home, (since they DO have a buffet) and get there early. When I arrived, I was 10 minutes early. There were allot of other people there at the time... but no food. So, I waited in line to buy a 25 page "book" that I figured was required for the class. The book cost $15. I sat down and waited... And waited... And waited. It wasn't until 07:30 that the class got started. I figured, hay... no problem... it's early on a Saturday morning... we'll get rolling soon. Pffttt. The "instructor" was an enthusiastic old fellow, who comes up and tells everyone that there isn't a breakfast. (But he'll provide a lunch instead.) Well, that great, but honestly now, how can you expect a classroom full of grown men to sit through hours and hours of class time without food in their bellies. If you had called us, (or at least posted it on-line" that there was a change to the agenda, it sure would have been nice. But, Okay.... no problem. I'll just be hungry. The "instructor" was a business owner who honestly seemed pretty knowledgeable about things... but failed to mention any of his credentials. So, realistically, I didn;t know who the *** was standing up there in front of me. Judging from his age and professionalism, I honestly thought I was going to leave there with a head full of new facts... but when he told us that we would start by watching a couple of videos, I kind of had my doubts. I first thought the videos would be in-house productions or some sort of off the shelf educational programs. WRONG! They were shows from the History channel and NOVA! WTF? Are you kidding me? I already these TV show... three years ago! If I wanted to watch TV, I would have stayed at home. So... after wasting more than an hour there watching TV, I figured... Okay, here we go. WRONG AGAIN! I listened to this guy talk about this and that. Stories of jobs that he did... while looking at a slides.... But nothing of any REAL value. He really could have done more if he had a better program, but it seemed to me that he intentionally went out of his way to not teach us anything. (I can only asume because it would have taken away from his own business.) I was really expecting for there to be handouts. Or at least, a reference to the $15 book I just bought. But there was none! (The book turns out to be just a bunch of *** they threw together and it didn't relate at all to the class... or even what one could consider relative substance at all.) So... I'm sitting there, waiting for this class to *** and to my surprise, the instructor tells us that he's now going to have his DAUGHTER come up and talk to us about rebates, etc. I'm thinking, thank god!... anything to get this guy off the stage... so we can start friggen learning something! I'm a perfectionist by trade... And I really have a hard time surrounding myself with folks who can't keep up... especially when I think they should know more than I do. So, this girl comes up, really nice and all, but has no confidence at all. She habitually breaks every five minutes to check w/ her old man about little, incidental facts. I was honestly expecting her, at least, to provide some handouts... you know, like tax documents or something... but again, wrong. Nothing. She told us about her dad's business and jobs they were doing, no real useful stuff. The only "real" thing she provided were links to check out on-line, that would help setting up solar PV systems. WOW. Links to on-line calculators! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! So, after another hour of this... folks all around me were getting agitated. (I heard more than one snide remark under thier breath.) At any rate, I'm a patient guy and figure... once we get through all the BS, we can finally get down to business. I didn't sign up for story time, I want to LEARN something! Christ, everybody around me had the NEC code books open ready to dive in, but that opportunity never arrived. So, we're all there... hungry and pissed, waiting for the show to start, when the "instructor" tells us that he has someone from New England Tech to talk to us about their alternative energy programs. Right away, I knew what this was going to be. (I personally have no respect for New England Tech for reasons I'd prefer to not mention here, but let's say they have one and only one agenda... sales.) Ding. Ding. Ding. Boy I called that one right. For more than an hour and a half, we all had to listen to their sales pitch... and how NET was the "educational authority" in alternative energy systems. NOT ONE *** THING that woman said was even remotely useful to the reason why we were there. Not one. (and I was listening.) Guys to the left and right of me were mumbling all sorts of comments under their breath. And you know what? They were absolutely right! In fact... NET would have done allot better by simply passing out CD's or glossy brochures, offering there wares... rather than to sour everyone's morning with their rhetoric and tacky sales pitch. (And after finding out how much they charge for their "fees", the only answer I have for them would be "*** NO!") Well, funny thing was that lunch turns out was pretty good... but aside from that... nothing was ever once mentioned about code requirement... nothing about calculating wire sizes... OR locations of equipment. Basically, $125. gets you a fairly good pasta and meatball buffet... but that it. Good luck with going green fellas... but stay away from this pony show.
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Be careful with Kindercare

I enrolled my 4 y/o in a KLC last year. It wasn't the closest center to us, but we liked the classrooms, the playground and the teachers. In fact, my wife and I were very, very happy with his teachers... but we found the director to be somewhat dry. Fortunately, my son did well and proved to be a class favorite. The real trouble we found was that there was very little in the way of communication between staff members. We were told one thing, only to discover that it was another. Example... There was no proper transitioning from one class to the next. There was a fair amount of trading students from one class to the other. (Some days I didn't know which teacher he was going to end up with.) News letters were habitually late and of no real help. There was very little substance to what information WAS provided. We constantly had to ask for lesson plans. Eventually, things became more apparent and staff members began to comment to us on the side. It was at that point we decided to pull out. We understand that working in such an environment can be taxing on young teachers, but with time, it became apparent that it was mostly smoke being blown. Personally, I wasn't overly happy with the surcharge we got when my son and his class left the building for a field trip... considering they simply walked next door to visit a public school! I mean, I didn't really have a problem with that, but I would hardly consider it a "field trip" worthy of $40. Another uncomfortable fact was that the building lacked proper air conditioning. When we did our site visit last year, we didn't notice (it was a cool day)... but when summer came around, the classrooms were sweltering. How can you expect to learn anything when your concentrating on trying to stay cool? They repeated had their own "handymen" out there to try and fix the A/C, but to no avail. (I had some reservations about whether or not they were licensed professionals.) The classroom lacked books. Of all things... BOOKS! And those books that they DID have were broken and missing pages. Generally they didn't have allot of materials. One other thing that kind of put the nail in the coffin was that they refused to refund a registration fee we paid earlier in the year, (which I do admit WAS outlined in the contract). I had originally intended to return to KLC at some point later on, but this only confirmed that they are a business, and only a business... NOT the "family" they try so hard to label themselves. I understand they have investors they must answer to, but it seems to me that they place money before their customers, staff and students. I'm happy we're not returning there. We found a much better curriculum, with less playtime, more books, and shorter rest periods... someplace else. Look around people and don't commit to anything until you think it over.
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My daughter, 2yrs is sick this week after one week in kindecare. The director leave a message to ask for the resevation fee while I take care of my sick, crying baby.

I think this is not a place to have your little one to start with. Kid is too easily to be sick at 2-3, and you need to prepare enough money to reserve spot for sick, emergency, for vacation in winter and summer.


The center I worked for NEVER followed proper protocol, and NEVER FOLLOWED DCFS/LICENSING STANDARDS deemed by the state! From my understanding, that center is still runs in that fashion. I was fired for following childcare laws and not succuming to Kindercare subpar standards.


Anyone who spells "a lot" as "allot" can't be trusted.


I saw a child getting hit by another child. There were two teachers for about 20 kids.

One of them was reading a book. I informed the teacher who in turn raised her shoulder stating that "what i do". I complained in the office of what i saw. Yes, it was not my child that day.

But my daughter got hit. She expressed to me that she was scared and there was no one present to help him.Anyway, when i got there to pick up my child in the evening, the director told me me i should not tell them on how to run her business and not of my business. Before i left, i gave them a two weeks notice. But she agreed that i can withdraw my kid.

What is going on with kindercare.

This daycare business has a very bad reputation. Should i inform social services?


My two children attend Aston kinder care and have since 6 weeks old. I have had nothing but great experiences.

The director has been there for a very long time and is very nice and compassionate about her job. The assistant director has been there for about a year, she too has gone above and beyond for the children. She is always smiling and interacting with the children. My family had some money issues and the director helped us get back on track,and was very understanding.

We have never had ANY concerns. The staff truly enjoy working with children and it shows. Obviously "astonkindercare" is bitter about something, because I have never seen any of this behavior displayed.

The children are well taken care of, and I feel safe. I love this center and would recommend it to anyone.


my child use to go to aston kindercare in pa, the director and assistant director are terrible...they lie on incident/accident reports, dont send kids home when they are sick, dont send teachers home when they are sick and just plain dont care about anyone..not to mention all the windows in the school are NAILED safe is that? what if something happens?

everytime i walked in there the Assistant director was gossiping with the other teachers..never ackowleged anyone, she always is rude, and the main director isnt all there, she thinks kids who have pink eye or 102 degree temps should stay in school and not have their parents called, doesnt kindercare realize what crackjobs they are hiring? That company needs to be shut down asap.


I have a confession to make. I am writing negative replies and bashing other kindercare teachers because I myself was fired for hitting a child who deserved it when I worked in kindercare.

I slapped heracross the face the little six year old brat told her parents they ivestigated, pressed criminal charges and I was fired. Now I can't get another job in the childcare field because I have a criminal record.


OP - why would you want your 4-year-old child to go to a center with "less playtime"? As an educator for twenty years, a school counselor certified PreK-12, and a mother of two 4-year-olds who are in preschool, I can tell you that play is the primary way that young children learn.

Play is the child's "work" at that age - it is how children learn to work well with others, it stimulates various parts of the brain, and it teaches children that school and learning can be fun, not just a chore to be tolerated. Forcing children to do more academic-type work in the preschool years has not been proven to result in better academic performance later on. In fact, the current practice of pushing high academic expectations down to Pre-K and kindergarten, combined with the shortening of recess time, has resulted in more and more children who dislike school and don't consider reading something that one would do for pleasure.

Playtime and break times have actually been shown to increase retention of material. Thus children are happier, less anxious, and more refreshed, and their learning actually increases.


My child attends a weel run center. The director is great.

It is well stocked an the kids are well fed. He always has alot of fun and loves his teachers. The director always follows up with concerns and fixes them.

they do not have a huge trunover because the staff is happy. so I guess it justy depends on the center.


I agree with you "shocked", I worked there for about a month, and the shifting of students drove me crazy. My daughter was going there while I worked, and I got a discount but it was half of my paycheck, so it didn't seem that much of a discount.

You are all correct, the books in the classroom were for the 70's and had many pages missing, there were NO supplies, we had to buy our own if we wanted to do something fun with the kids, the director and her *** were always chatting on the phones all day. I sure did feel like a slave working there, I hated it that I didn't have the same kids everyday and that we could actually do something for once. I had from 18 to 40 kids in the 4's room. And sometimes with only 2 teachers, there were and probably still are doing things illegally at the KLC i worked at.

I saw a teacher sling a child by the arm, and i told the director about it (before I knew about their clicks) and it was brushed aside as if nothing happened, then when I told another teacher about it... her exact words were "now you have beef against her and if she tries to say something about you, you can get her fired too"...

OMG!!! I quit the following day!

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