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My horrible experience can happen to anyone

Hilton Becker MD #1919835
Oh my Gosh ! You just saved me from changing the first dr that I chose to Dr . Becker . I just left his office , and I am a bit of a complicated mess. He was totally opposing what my original dr wants to do . It made me wonder until a friend just sent me this review and I just got done reading it . I felt like he was a salesman today telling me about his book and research articles being published . Like I cared about his popularity? The cost outrageous using the hospital as well . Also sad he could take some fat from my belly ? I am 60 and a gym rat ! I do t have much fat ! Talking about making a new pocket on top of the muscle in the fascia and won’t even do behind the muscle . I have no idea where Becket came from but my breast drs have already told me that with my high risk of Cancer for me to go behind the muscle to get a better read on breast screenings. I am so sorry for what you had to go thru but sharing it , well you just payed it forward. My prayers go out to you .
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