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Verizon bundle pack

Verizon #67729
That is unbelievable :x
My BF also had a bundle pack (internet and land phone). he was told that it is cheaper to get bundle even tho he told them he doesnt have land line phone and all he needs is his cellphone.
He got a bill of more than $100 a month and he finanlly noticed it is no way cheaper than just getting internet. They were simply tyring to sell him what he doesnt need clearly.
So he called Verizon to fix this problem. But he stayed online for more than one hour to talk to the supervisor, since other reps were helpless and telling all different kinda things. The supervisor said he has to pay for the first two month bill of 200 since he used it already for a month but he can cancell it, get connected with just internet service and get credit for the second month, which is a half of what he had paid...&100.
Next month he got credit only for $67...which is def. less than what he was supposed to, but he just doesnt want to deal with it anymore so he settled with this amount.
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Verizon - Extra Charges on our bill

Verizon #67728
I hate verizon! I switched from T-mobile because i wasnt getting good reception.

I paid first 2 monthes online and noticed later that there some stuff charged on my bill which I absolutely did not sign up for.

I called them like 4 times to get credit for that.

Also the phone I got kinda sucked and had technical problem no later than 3 monthes since i got the phone.

I went in a store to get it fixed. But they told me they have to charge me $50 since I switched the account to do friends and family under my friend's account. I told them I did not know this would happen just because I changed the account.
A tall young guy at Fishkill, NY branch with pimples all over said "we do not have any responsibility to tell you this and that happen when you change accounts and people change accounts anyways usually."
He had a nasty attitude ever.

My boyfirend also has internet cable with verizon but he had alot of trouble with them.

They are def. not most reliable like they say they are. After my contract is over, I will not never ever go back to Verizon.

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Unitrin is Hands down the worst ever!!!!

I hate this company too.

I asked how the claim process would be in email.

Never got reply...2 days later they just sent me a bill of about 60 dollars for the term I have already paid in full.
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