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Aspen Dental - Gave false price quote and would not honor it

my husband went to Aspen Dental to get his dentures because when I called and got a price, I was told a set of dentures was $199.00 to $1,300.00. The $1,300.00 sounded reasonable because when I priced them last year at Denture Center their price was $1,500.00. My husband had gotten his last set there. So if your best set was $1,300.00 then I thought we would try your company. With our insurance our co-pay should have been less than $500.00. Then my husband comes home and says the teeth cost $2,763.00. He told them that was too much so they added coupons to get it down. But our share was $916.00. This is $400 or $500 more than it should have been. When I called to complain I talked to someone that said they would listen to the phone call because they would want to honor what they had told a customer. I don't have who I talked to because I have a new email provider and lost all my emails. I received an email from her that the customer service supervisor had listened to the call and that I was told the price was for each plate, not the set. But I was told it was for a set of dentures. I asked if I could hear the call and she said she did not know if technology would allow that and I never heard back. I have called back a couple of other times and requested a price for a set of dentures and was told $199.00 to $1,400.00. One of the times was on July 13, between 2:00 and 3:00. If you call the toll free number (800)277-**** and ask for a price for a set of dentures, you will also be told what I was. I don't know if my phone call was was really listened to because they said the operator said the price was for each plate. But nothing was said about the price being for each plate, because I never would have scheduled an appointment. I would like someone to listen to the call and also hear if it possible. I would like to have the $400 or so that I was overcharged put back on my flex spending account. This was money I had alloted for my own dental work and medical expenses for the rest of the year. I fell like this is a scam to get people into your office. Why would people come there when you chage double what someone else does. If I can't get my refund, the $400.00 you have taken from me is buying you a lot more than that in bad publicity. Everyone I know will hear my horror story of dealing with your company. That's if they already haven't.
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I have been trying to get them to tell me the break down price on my upper Dentures.

No one has an answer. Makes no since considering there is a break down price for my lower partials.

Between the temps and the permanents. This is why I'm believing that they are actually going to use my top temps as my permanents. I tried to get the break down price for the possibility of going to a different Dentist.

But they won't reimburse me any money on the top temps. Why should I have to pay full price for temps.


I went to Aspen Dental and what a rip off. They talk you into this and that.

Tell you how much it is. Then slap you with a different amount once your teeth are pulled. And after looking up law suits and it stated hidden fees, I looked over my bill and sure enough over $600. Was not accounted for.

I'm not even going to get I to all the horrible things I have experienced. :( :(


I went to aspen dental and had a tooth pulled. I was told the cost was just over $200 over the phone.

When I got there they said I needed "gum therapy" which included a cleaning, prescription toothpaste and mouth wash and this "great" electric toothbrush that I was told all the dentists there use. Final quoted price at the office was near $700. The electric toothbrush's battery stopped charging after one month of use :roll And I had to send it back to the manufacturer at my cost for shipping... And 3 months later same problem with the battery.

Would I go back again?

Probably not. :x


Amy, I guess you still drink the kool-aid. You and I know the visit is not free. The patients insurance company gets a bill.

The comfylite dentures are the most expensive Aspen sells and as office managers we think we look better selling the high price ***. Dentures are only as good as the people making them and my experience in several different markets was the same. Most patients were unhappy with the quality.

My friends, if you want the job done right then don't go to Aspen. Poorly trained people and no, the prices are not any cheaper than other places. Aspen is all about your money and that's it.


I went to Aspen and sitting right here is an "estimate" for $12,000 for full upper and lowers with sedated extractions. I laughed right in the ladies face, she dismissed me when I told her that I was denied by care credit.

(I didnt apply). Im going to Sexton in SC in a few weeks and my total bill is $3,000, well worth the difference in price.





We’re very sorry and extremely disappointed that your concern has not been resolved. If you call our Patient Satisfaction team at 866-273-**** or email us at patientservices@***.com our Patient Satisfaction Manager will personally look into your issue and get back to you.

Again, we apologize. Thank you.


Google Aspen Dental complaints and you'll realize you are not the only one in this situation. There are pages of complaints.


Aspen dental does care about the people- that's why they've made their hours convenient, their prices reasonable and so many financing options. They even accept emergency walk-ins. What else do you expect from a place?


Get in touch with the Professional Standards Board, the Dept. of Education, who issues the dental license to these dentists and other professionals. And they will be investigated. Last resort, the attorney general of your state.

Always check out the BBB and Rip off report, which is a website BEFORE calling these places. You can also check out the license and any complaints of professional people with the state they are registered. You will see if they had any negative reports.

Bottom line ... get everything in WRITING before the work begins and before you leave the office.

From one who has been there and done that. Been screwed more than once now.

Good luck.


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Art Van Furniture - Reel you in with the zero interest

We went to Art Van last night to get a couch and 2 recliners and wanted to finance them at the advertised zero percent interest. We could only finance the furniture on the main floor, not the clearance so we need to finance about $1400.00. We have excellent credit scores and there should not have been a proplem but she comes back and says we were not approved for the zero down but we were approved at 23% interest by another lender. Told her never mind and left. They oblivously did not want to sell almost $2000 of furniture. Went to Lazy Boy, got approved for $5000 of no interest/no payments for 1 year. Ended up with better quality furniture and better warranties/guarantees. Art Van always has so many rules to get their advertised deals that most people dont' qualify.
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getting mad at a company who has no control weather you get approved or not is no reason to post negative comments. ge money has the same guide lines as most major lenders. lashing out at retailers becouse you don't pay youre bills that is just childish


the lazy boy stores are out of buisness now where did you and you great credit go again ??


calling someone a lier on here is just ignorant. No one is going to go on here and lie about what happened. People are here because they are frustrated for ligitimate reasons.


Newsflash!!!! Art Van Furniture is not the finance company and they did not deny you.

Their current finance company is GE Money.

I suggest you direct your ignorance and frustration towards them. I also highly doubt that you were approved at Lazyboy for $5000 when they do not have the financial backing to provide better financing options.


I know because I use to work there. There financing is tricky and you must have excellent credit to get any of the deals.

Always read the fine print. They do make money off all contracts written. Although they are done through another company that company gives them kudos money.

sounds like a couple of these replies are coming from people who work for Art Van. It doesn't surprise me at all the Lazy Boy gave them 5000.00

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