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I am an extremely dissatisfied "patient" of Aspend dental. After reading through hundreds of complaints which echo mine, I am going to make it my mission to bring their fraudulent and unethical practices to light and bring them down. Anyone with ANY inside info or...
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broke my upper jaw, puncture hole in upper jaw while removing a tooth - punctured sinus and fluid traveled through sinus and out nose. Had to have plugged and then on meds for two months and wash mouth medicated for 2 months.

It's been 9 months and I still can't eat with temp teeth as they were made where I bite my own tongue - bottom partials grab my under tongue. Did not get permanents I paid for, as I could not get the girls to make temps even correctly. In fact I paid for entire thing in cash from my SSI so I could eat solids and crunchy things again. That didn't happen, instead my nose area does not match center perfect to middle of teeth so it looks off somewhat.

That is from her breaking my upper section of jaw using hammer tool instead of pulling a three tooth partial permanent denture that was attached to two good teeth. I'm still having issues. I had to get a 2nd opinion for doctor to believe me and I have 30 years in medical field. I think they stuck me with a student even after knowing all my medical concerns.

Then she treated me like it was all my fault when she punctured hole in my mouth. but I have doctors to back up what was done to my mouth and photos and witnesses, plus they charged me approx $6,000 and that was with a discount.

I feel as though I paid them to bash my face in and now I'm in *** and still having sinus issues and pressure migranes and no permanent teeth. I need to find someone to help me, so far I have filed complaint with BBB for their help.

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