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Regency Student Housing - Don't send your child to live at the Regency!

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Please, please, please do not send your child to what is nothing more than a slum lord that has found a way to charge exorbitant fees for minor infractions against college students that do not have money.

My son's parking pass, which was nothing more than a sticker that could not be permanently attached to the dash without ruining the covering, had fallen on the floorboard. It was face up and clearly visible. Instead of a warning, Regency towed my son's car. $250 later, I tried to speak with the Regency, only to be treated condescendingly by their on-site manager, Wayne. Wayne would not allow me to finish a sentence. Wayne showed no compassion to the fact that with no warning, a 17-year old child had to have his mother take a half-day off work to take care of a situation that could have been easily avoided had the Regency given him the courtesy of a warning prior to towing his car. Wayne stated that he had already dealt with three irate parents today about towing, and yet had no qualms about the fact that they allowing a towing company to get rich off of college students. Or more accurately, college student's parents, parents who are already paying for their children's education and most likely do not have an extra $250 and a half day off work because a parking pass fell on the floorboard.

The car towing aside, the buildings are dirty, the hallways stink, the bathrooms are not able to be cleaned to the point of looking presentable as they are in such poor general condition. Obviously the fees they are charging for every little thing are not going to the upkeep of the building. Instead of paying money to a private entity who is obviously looking for a way to have deeper pocketed parents bail their children's cars out of impound, PLEASE JUST RENT AN APARTMENT FOR YOUR CHILD.

The Regency is unconscionable in their business practices. It is one thing to run a slum for adults, but these are children who are looking forward to their first times away from home, only to be treated as ATMs by Regency. I have never, ever, lived in a place that charged fees even close to what the Regency charges, please don't make the same mistake and go broke like I did, just find another place for your child.

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Yeah Wayne is a Joke, just recently hired over student life division for the regency.

me and my roommates were charged 250 a piece back in January because Wayne came over for a noise complaint but said our commons area smelled like *** but had no proof. Mind you i was at work 8-5 that day i told Wayne over the phone to prove our Villa smelled like *** and to bring David " general management" with him all in the same day never happened.

Over the Phone Wayne even tried cutting me a deal. stating that if i snitch one of my roommates out he'll drop the charge from my account i declined. The next deal he presented to all of us "my roommates" if one person just takes the fall we can just split the 250 three ways.

i declined i want my justice

I had my mother , my guarantor call up to management so i could get help every staff member is very rude for no reason because they're dirty and they know it.

side note: I thought dogs , were not allowed in the regency but i see everyone with one even the ASSISTANT GENERAL MANAGER DAVID. He lives within the Villas.