Why have you banned me?

Rockstar Games

I have been working away from home for 3 weeks now... I have come home to play some grand theft auto 5 online and it’s come to my attention that you and your associates have taken my hard work way from me I will do anything to get my player back as I’ve been working my *** off for 2 years now n there was no reason to ban me!

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Edward Burton

According to Rockstar Games your account can be suspended for violating the rules of the company including:
  • modding in online games,
  • exploiting or abusing game mechanics in online games,
  • participating in “money lobbies”,
  • account boosting,
  • account “recovery”,
  • promoting methods of abuse/glitching,
  • promoting modding of online games,
  • manipulating protected game data and code,
  • interfering with other players’ gameplay experience.
You should contact Rockstar games customer service at submitting a ticket at support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.