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Susan Wagner - Susan B. Wagner of Newfane, Vt does Bad Therapy!

Susan B. Wagner of Newfane, Vt. is the worst therapist I have ever met. She distorts information of paper to give parents "bad" records that follow them around, hoping to get children "rescued" into state foster care. Don't trust her! Too many innocent parents have been traumatized with CPS investigations. Child Protection is for parents that truly abuse and neglect kids, NOT FOR EVERY PARENT THAT CAN'T EXPRESS THEMSELVES PERFECTLY. This woman can't assess family situations properly, and just sees abuse everywhere. I don't want to see good families busted up; that is something that weakens the whole nation.
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I couldn't disagree more. She is an expert behaviorist and she truly understands how young children communicate trauma.

She is always thorough and she paces herself before she concludes anything. And just so you know....a child's behavior IS evidence.


This Susan B. Wagner is NOT the same as Susan Wagner Studios in Portland, Oregon. They are not related!


Susan B. Wagner--Newfane, VT has devastated many good parents by making them look, on paper, ruinous to their children.

Thus good reputations get destroyed.

Police will harass and bully those whom they think are proven to be "child abusers." I am going to try to get this woman's photo online, to help more parents become aware and stay away from her. :sigh


I am still talking, and will never stop telling my genuine story to all that will hear. I want to warn all innocent families not to tangle with someone who will probably make them look like a horror story on paper. It will get into all of your records and people will treat you degradingly!:x


Susan B Wagner of Newfane unjustly caused unconscionable amounts of suffering to my family, but she will reap what she had sowed.

i will complain absolutely everywhere until she is put out of business. I cannot be made to give up! :sigh


I am not giving up on my message. I have decided to dedicate 25 years to screaming my story out to all that are willing to listen. :eek That is probably the rest of my life!

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Health Care and Rehabilitation Services - Health Care & Rehabilitation Services Betrayed A Vulnerable Man

An LICSW, Julie Cunningham of Families First in Wilmington, VT asked my husband to attend an HCRS meeting called ACT 264 to assist us in getting help for our challenged teenaged son. My husband (who has cognitive disabilities and obviously needed accomodation) walked into the room trusting that these credentialed professionals would be knowlwdgeable and supportive. They greeted him with intimidating, daggering eye glares and interrogated him in a criminal suspect manner, bullying him fearsomely and duressing him for "consent" to take our son into state custody. This terrifying set-up was conducted by Bill Metcalfe of Health Care and Rehabilitation Services (HCRS)in Brattleboro, Vermont. Nobody had warned my husband that he would need an attorney. He had no opportunity to find or request an advocate of any kind, even though at least two people in that room knew that he was disabled. Worst of all, he was degraded and humiliated in front of his handicapped teenage son. As he was leaving the meeting, shaking from shell-shock, Julie Cunningham approached him and informed that this was not happening because he was a bad parent, but because of "funding" issues. Immediately my husband went back to his job, trembling with horror at what had just happened. But he was not left alone to concentrate on his work. HCRS Counselor Linda Heimerdinger called and demoralized him for "raising your voice" at a loud and defiant teenager. She proudly proclaimed that she never, ever raised her voice at her own teens. But she was never sneak tape recorded in the privacy of her own home, as we were. I was shocked that the state could take kids away simply for occasional yelling, particularly when caught by warrantless tape recordings planted in your home during stressful times. The Child Maltreatment allegation was dropped but my husband is still suffering from PTSD. He has been suffering for more than 2 years.
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Bill Metcalfe's real first name is Willard.


I will never, ever "move on" from this. Not ever, ever, ever.


HCRS of Brattleboro is simply cruel. I have come to the conclusion that, contrary to their boasting otherwise, Brattleboro and Windham County are cruel to traditional families. They seem to have a vested interest in breaking everybody up--turning wife against husband, children and teens against their parents.


I'm trying to forgive, but I cannot forget! :roll


The names of Bill Metcalfe, Julie Cunningham, Linda Heimerdinger, and Barbara Saunders (Brattleboro) are going to resound again and again because they have harmed the innocent. :sigh


I am still around, I have not gone away.


Bill Metcalfe of Brattleboro HCRS fame is truly a fearsome bully. He seems invincible, but I have faith that someday his abuse will catch up to him and he will have to pay a dear price for the terrible harm he has done. He's not the only one at HCRS who is terrible; they are a shameful outfit.


Forget and move on? NO WAY! :roll


Time has not dimmed the memory of this terrible event. I have not even begun to forget the horror of what happened, and will never "move on" so the perpetrators can continue to bully the innocent.


I am happy to report that I continue to shout out my own true story. And I am happy in doing it. :)

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