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Real Estate Network- Fraud by Kristian Olsen

Thai Estate Network TEN #1141335
This is pure defamation from an angry property seller in Khanom
I am the general manager of TEN Thai Estate Network, Kristian Olsen responding here to this complaint:
Back in 2013 I signed a contract with Mr. Thomas Mehlhorn, German national living in Khanom.
We agreed that Mr. Mehlhorn paid me 5% commission from the sales price of his house.
I sold it 1 week later... and asked Mr. Mehlhorn to discuss the price with my buyer, since I could not dictate the price myself.
My buyer wanted a discount... Mr. Mehlhorn did not want to give a discount. But after 2-3 days discussing with my buyer, they agreed on a sale and the deal was closed with our assistance and everybody seemed to be happy about the deal. When I asked for my 5% commission, Mr. Mehlhorn refused to pay me, because as he stated "I spent a long time with the client, discussing the price. That was your job, not mine!" I said I could not discuss the price with my buyer because I did not know which price Mr. Mehlhorn would agree to. Finally Mr. Mehlhorn agreed to pay me 1.5% of the sales price. Which I rejected, since I had his signature on a contract stating 5%, not 1.5% Then I reported him to the police and we
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