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Waste your time and blame you if their attempts to fix don't work - don't know what they are doing!

AAA Century Appliance #1135693
Thank you Mrs. Soto, for your review and the opportunity to reflect on our procedures in order to improve our services. We have taken much consideration of your review and although we make every effort to ensure our clients have a positive experience, unfortunately sometimes we are faced with unusual circumstances during service which may prevent this. Before moving forward, I would like to identify myself as Washington, the Technical Manager at AAA Century Appliance. I am also the gentleman who spoke to you on the phone and who made the final decision to refund you for the service our technician provided.
On June 05th. 2015 (the date of service this review is referencing to) you contacted our offices because you were concerned that the dryer at your tenant's residence was not heating . While setting your appointment you stated you wanted that the technician bring the "heating element" with him because you were confident that it was the source of the issue, and you did not want to waste time. Although we always recommend that a professional technician diagnose the problem 1st, we also understand a client's desire to complete a repair on a 1st visit, whenever possible, so we mad
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