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DigiLink won't live up to their promises.

Digilink #1132900
I would like to set the record straight.
Our service actually worked perfectly for this customer however, unfortunately he insisted on having administrative access to OUR equipment! He was informed that due to our need to maintain the integrity of our network we could not provide him with administrative access to our equipment.
We offered him alternative options which he decided not to take us up on.
He cancelled service abruptly on a 1 year term agreement 4 months after making his initial request. DigiLink provided his service fully under the terms of our agreement. We never stated that we would waive early termination fees however, the customer chose to interpret our email response to him on 11/24/2015 in which we said:
"In an effort to accommodate your requirements, we are willing to offer the following options - you can connect your router to our router, and we will disable the Wifi. We will not, though, turn our router in a bridge, it must remain a router.
The other option is to change your service type. We have a higher grade of service - our SOHO service - which will give you a fixed IP address and could be separated from our residential network, so you can us
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