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Southern New Hampshire University Holds Your Transcript To Extort Money

In my opinion, because of all the new advertisements Southern New Hampshire University’s financial aid department was behind. Therefore, my aid was not processed. I was billed for a two classes while attending on financial aid. At the time of my enrollment, we couldn’t drop our own classes. I was told I had to inform my advisor when I first enrolled if I needed to drop a class. I contacted the financial aid office, and my advisor about dropping the classes, both advised me not to drop. On the day, it was too late to drop without a charge someone from financial aid contacted me about a statement. I was away at the time and did not see how I could provide the statement. Therefore, I asked about dropping again and was told, "It's too late." I informed them I asked to have the classes dropped, and was told not to drop the classes. She replied, "We can't tell you what to do." Therefore, I found away and sent in the statement the same day. What is the use of speaking with them, if later they say, "We can't tell you what to do?” After dealing with financial aid incompetence, I had a problem in one of my classes. The instructor did not follow the rules of the rubric, and to make matters worse, the assignments were ambiguous. Instead of any of anyone listening to my concerns, they ignored the issue and tried to dismiss my complaints, by focusing on things they thought would shut me up. After this, I withdrew from the university. I have never had to deal with such disrespect at any school. In the end, they are a business and I am a consumer. I should not have to take a course I found not to be up to par. Moreover, it is not my fault they were under-staffed in the financial aid office and could not do their job, in a timely matter. In conclusion, SNHU has railroaded me into owing them money and will not release my transcript in order to attend another university until I pay for classes I did not find up to par and withdrew from. I do not understand how a university can hold your transcript for courses your financial aid has paid for, and you still have to pay back the loans, this is extortion. Now I understand why so many might default on their loans. Since they have the power to hold transcripts my financial aid has paid for, they should have to return all monies owed to the government on the loans.
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You might be correct, I guess my grades and making the President List is certification that I can't earn a real degree.


What is the point in trying to get a degree if you cannot handle being creative and intelligent enough to handle something somewhat ambiguous? The whole point in higher education is to challenge you.

Sounds like you are looking to purchase a degree. If that was your goal, SNHU is not your school.

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Release my transcript, and remove the $2,000 debt.