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Benton Nissan of Hoover - Bait n' Switch!!!

Benton Nissan of Hoover - Bait n' Switch!!!
Benton Nissan of Hoover is a horrible, and corrupt dealership!!! On 10/15/2016 (sat) I saw an ad regarding their versa 2016 for $9,995, and within 15-30min the red flags were quickly showing. The salesman D Williamson informed that another $1500 would be added to the price of the car. If I do not see that $1500 would be added to the cost of the car right under the "sale" price, then I consider this misleading/advertising, and borders fraudulent behavior. The salesman informed me this was a popular car, and it is hot! At this point, the salesman is pretending to look for the car that does not appear to exist; If the car is hot n popular, why cant you find it? After all, dealerships get cars brought in all the time, or even daily. D. Williamson ends up bringing out a similar versa 2016 that was conveniently $5,000 more, now Benton Nissan is playing Bait n' Switch games with consumers. Priced at $15,000 out the door; It was the most below avg base/basic model I have seen for the price. When the car dealership saw that I was starting to break down with concern; they tried everything they could to get my focus off the $9,995 car and tried every trick they could in order to get me to sign for the car they wanted me to have. The high sales pressure was just unreal; However, my gut told me to get the *** out of there before I was stuck with a 7 year loan that I would regret for years to come. Their website prices did not match either; Since I did not sign for the car the same day, I went home to lookup the car, and it was listed for $12,000; So what is this? They inflate the car to $15,000 so they could compensate for the bogus/fake rebates they offered? I will never in this lifetime step foot in their dealership, and I could honestly say that I would not recommend them to my dog!!!! No one likes to defend the consumer in matters of corporate corruption. I highly urge the state of Alabama or the attorneys general office to investigate car dealership scams. If the government would fine dealerships millions of dollars in these cases, then such Bait n' Switch schemes would stop almost overnight; I would be more then happy to testify in front of congress.... As long as corporate america and government continue to sleep together, then such schemes will continue on; all day, everyday!!!
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Thank you for the time it took to write this.

I hope it made people aware of how devious sales tactics work, and how to recognize them.

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