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Kept getting jerked around!!!

Sport Center Imports #1123533
Sport Center Imports clearly post a FREE Carfax on each vehicle on our website, which is where these customers saw the Tahoe listed for sale. After finding our that they were disappointed with their purchase, we agreed to go and buy them another one, and swap it out at no additional charge, as well as giving them a FREE Loaner vehicle while we were searching. Both, the Tahoe we took back, as well as the loaner vehicle were returned in deplorable condition, and both needed to be fully detailed again. This whole transaction cost us over $2,600, of which we paid for, with NO additional cost to the customer. In the state of Alabama, it is the buyers responsibility to do all do-diligence BEFORE making a purchase. What we extended these customers was a good will gesture in an effort to over extend our customer service. We are sorry that the customers thought we should have done more, but we did not know what else we could have possibly done with these folks. I guess they were just destined to be unhappy, and that part of the equation was out of our control. We have sold vehicles to thousands and thousands of satisfied customers for the past 19 years, many of which have returned, along with their family and friends, and have been more than satisfied.
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