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Extreme Wind has dangerous products!!!

Extreme Wind has dangerous products!!!
So, I bought some turbine blades and a hub from extremewind_us on eBay. I had been looking at their listings for a while and after comparing with other sellers, they looked like the way to go. The listing said they were shatterproof and indestructible. This is most definitely not the case. I was in the house making pecan pies and turnip greens when I heard a scream! Now, I have 4 beloved pet goats and I was instantly worried when I heard the scream. I ran outside and was horrified to find broken, shattered blades all over the ground and Myrtle and Benjamin lying on the ground!!!! These blades had broken in a very small wind and killed my precious goats! I am just heartsick over their passing and I don't know what Gryndle and Pooky are going to do without their friends. Terrible lies from this company. Do not buy. Terrible customer service. I will never get my goats back. You don't want this product somewhere where someone's goats could get killed! Or anyone else!
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Amazing the deliberate lies and scams that you will find on here by the one and only scam master king Jeff L Harmon of Seymour missouri. He uses this site for one sole purpose, to bash hard working people to attempt to lower them to his level.

Nothing you will ever hear from this nut job Harmon can be concidered as containing anything over 1% truth. Even his kids have tried to take him out back and put him in ***

So, when you see one after another bashing lies about companies all over American selling micro wind, small wind and some larger wind turbines you can rest assured its coming right out of the play book of the scam master himself Jeff L Harmon *** and chief of Missouri Wind and Solar, Skymax wind, Mandalay Wind, and Mountain Wind Trading.

All of which are 100% certified junk sellers and professional fraudsters selling falsely claimed stuff on Ebay and other sites that he manipulates. A complete looser to avoid.


Definitely another put up by Jeff *** of Missouri Wind and Solar. Or is that fraud.

I'm surprised he didn't use pigs. His favorite. He must have been doing the goats when he came up with this revelation. Shut up Jeff.

You can't stand it when people are better than you. Snap Snap


This review was directed at Extreme Wind. Since you have no involvement in this matter, I can only assume you have nothing better to do than cause trouble for others.

I understand that you are a competitor of the company you mentioned in your reply as I have seen your listings on eBay. The unfortunate event I experienced as a result of using Extreme Wind's products is not relevant to your comment.

@Bren Pyj

Jeff Harmon has never used Extreme Wind's products, Jeff is nowhere near a consumer, He's here doing what he's best at, simply fabricating BS. He is sadly owner of, skymaxwind and mountain wind trading co.

and is afraid of superior products. An individual who lies habitually will generally lose the ability to differentiate lies from reality. He will believe the lies to be the truth making confronting a pathological liar on their lies nearly impossible.

Understand that you'll never get a consistent story when you talk with a pathological liar. Keep in mind that pathological liars typically exaggerate everything they tell you so take their stories in vain.


Pecan pies and turnip greens? Really?

No one that just had two animals killed is going to put that kind of detail in a complaint. Gryndle and Pooky really? lol. This sounds like typical Harmon (Missouri wind and solar) story telling with all the tiny attention to trivial details to make it sound legit.

Those blades have no mass and too much surface area to do any damage to an animal even if they where shot out of a canon. I am not saying I like these blades since the plastic is not 30% fiber filled and will probably degrade in Sunlight within 5 years or so but to say they killed goats or are dangerous is laughable. I have seen the video's and they turn too slow and are too flat to become projectiles. It's like saying someone was killed by a Frisbee lol.

For a professional story teller and *** artist you can do better than this Jeff. At least say that blades are made with Vietnamese plastic that contains Arsenic and that the goats died of heavy metal poisoning after they ate the broken blades. This story telling of yours is lacking imagination.

Needs something more interesting than simple goat mutilation lol. Get a life Jeff.


I think the issue here is that the Extreme Wind turbine blades are simply made from PVC water pipe that are dangerous and will shatter in any high winds and possibly kill someone from the flying debri. Gary Lynn the owner and builder of this wind turbine joke doesn't seem to care who gets hurt as long as he is making money on eBay from the sales.

His ad say that his Delco alternator wind turbine makes 5000 watts in a 20 mph wind ????

The reality is it will make about 2 to 300 watts at that wind speed.A Delco cannot make any more then that as proven by the AWEA.

His fabricated claims of our " US NAVY " using his PVC blade wind turbine is unbelievable, and a down right lie.

Would you buy anything from a guy that makes those claims ?

He is also trying to make these valid pissed consumer reports about another company .


Made by child labor too. It's a competitor so Whorman is going to go through great lengths to destroy a competitor.

*** is doing it to himself too. We just found something now on him now.

Snap snap


That your KIDS Jeff? lol..


A San Diego colleague informed us about this post. This is the way Jeff (in MO.) drums up buisness for himself by attacking others' products in attempts of making them look bad.

He's attacked EVERY rival company on the web. So First might I defend Extremewind by saying HDPE is not drain pipe. It's United Nations Certified Indestructible Material for a reason. Jeff has no clue what it is and no livestock were killed, which is comical, because Jeff wrote these in one of his usual drunken stupors.

Secondly they were tested in the San Diego Wind Tunnel, not a hillbilly wind tunnel in MO. They even outperformed aeronautical engineer's designs, let alone Craptors™. A patent is now pending on Extreme Blades.

You simply don't see that with an ingrates' imported wanna-be 'lawn chair plastic' blades. The US Navy has already started using the commercialized version of

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