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Villa Vista - Majestic Landscaping/Weisinger Hydro Seeding

This person Graig Moreua has been screwing innocent peolple over from the last 3 companies he owned. First it was a pool company where he made 100's of thousand of dollars and the same with Majestic landscaping. He steals people money then claim for chapter 11. he is now trying the same with his new company called weisinger hydro seeding. Be carefull of this devil he will take your money and run. He will pretend to be your best friend, take your money and then claim for bank ruptcy, . Please be carefull montgomery and conroe, tx lets stop this guy
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This a posting by a jealous competitor who can't make their business work by honest means. He is from S.

Africa and was working in this country illegally. He was an employee of this company before I bought it and embezzeled money from them for which he is being investigated for criminal charges. I offered to keep Andrea on before I knew of his theft and he refused so that he could start his own company. He attempted to steal customers from my website, I stopped him and told him he would have to get his own, apparently this is how he chose to do it.

He has threatened my life on two seperate occasions for which I have witnesses and filed a police report. I have never filed for Chapter 11 (this is a matter of public record) nor do I have any oustanding debts against my company. I have lived in Montgomery Co., Texas all my life and have been a productive business owner for over 12 years. If I had such alleged complaints there would be some record, somewhere!

This person did not have the courage to post their name, I certainly would if I was so wronged. This website obviously doesn't feel that truth needs to be expressed so they will let anyone make an accusation with out proof . I will be happy to explain this situation to anyone who asks.

I have references from many satisfied customers. Please call me at 281-330-****.


this guy stole my money and did'nt do anything. I paid this deuch bag and he took off with my money.

Its a perfect example of our new administration. We have to stop this Craig Moraeu.

He gives a new meaning to the word French fried. Money is still owed to people from majestic Landscaping using the Weisinger hydro seeding name in which he has nothing to do with!!!.Help us stop this sinnful individual from corrupting our system that we worked so hard in keeping safe from these types of people.\m/

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Montgomery, Texas