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Will it Launch is awful

I had a poor experience with The direct tv response company Will It Launch . Got into contract with Earl Prado who sold the company as a partner with expertise. Earl misled on multiple occasions and they even stated they would produce something but then backed out at last second saying the customers would not care if we lied and would only lose a few customers. No after campaign support either. Carrie Jeske company only cares if they can make it off your product. all her advice was self serving. waste of money. Been in business 20 years yet only 5 products on their site- should have been my warning.= let this be yours!
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Will it launch, Carrie Jeske, Earl Pardo and all others members, and all members of this great family, Wich products, you put on the market ? Gave us the patent numbers, or the name of your lucky customers.

Wath the joke, why the FBI dont check this. They posted good comments about themselve.

Cheating.. Jean Pilon from Canada


I just received an Email from Earl pardo. Thank you for your warning.

You guys should join together to suit him. CHEATER


$ 0000 + $000000×$000000=0 This is money $0 You could received


Will it launch over promised and under delivered. I had many issues that I bought up and was ultimately dismissed and some never answered.

It was a complete waste of my money and I regret doing business with this company.

Carrie was dismissive on the phone and lacked professionalism when she dealt with me and my issues. As she says winners are few- and they are not one.

@Jason Deutsch

Jason, I'm so sorry for any part I played in your frustrations. I really believed it could have worked out for your product. If there's anything I can do to make it right, please contact me directly.


Before doing business with Will It Launch you should contact me at jedwins@***.com or 858 755-****. My experience was a lot less than stellar I was never paid for product shipped to buyers.


It’s disappointing that people can post anonymously. I was able to investigate this to a client named Jason Deutsch.

He partnered with Will It Launch to produce a 2-minute market viability test that I’ve linked below. I’m Carrie Jeske. I’m unclear why he chose to mention my name since I had only 1 brief telephone conversation. I spend much of my time offering free online advice and education to inventors.

My goal is to offer low cost, high return inventing strategies and to help inventors.

I did not work with Jason Deutsch and have not received any compensation from his TV test. We only earn product profits when we produce winners that appear on store shelves. Testing is an expense. I don’t believe I even met him until the end of the test, when consumers did not buy the product at the level needed for WIL to invest more money in future development.

My role was to offer help finding other distribution channels. The conversation went well, but he seemed overly depressed with the product results. I understand completely. It’s sad when consumers don’t buy new products.

Finding out early, actually saves time and money in the long run. Jason found out that mass market consumers would not buy enough of his product to justify further costs. It’s a bitter pill to swallow and now he’s blaming people, not the product.

Will It Launch worked hard to promote his product, but as he was told, no one can predict consumer buying preferences on a mass market scale.

He was happy with the commercial, per written authorization. He knew, in advance, the numbers required for WIL to invest further development money, per contract; and was provided real time results of consumer interest and purchases.

I’ve linked the spot here.

It had as good a chance, as any, of succeeding.

Traditional manufactures often risk 24 months and hundreds of thousands of dollars to manufacture a product and deliver it to store shelves, only to have it fail from lack of consumer purchase. Will It Launch discovers failure in about 120 days. I know it hurts now, Jason. Please keep in mind, this experience may have saved you thousands of dollars and years of time and effort.

Information is always valuable. I go beyond the call of duty to help and advise people well. Finding the next winner is not easy. No one has ever claimed otherwise.

It’s true, winners are few… but they represent millions and millions of units sold so 5 winners on or recently on store shelves is quite victory. I wish this Ripoff Report could be removed. It’s not a fair assessment and I think Jason knows that deep in his heart. WIL has been very responsive.

There’s nothing more anyone could have done. I’m available to talk about anything product related. My reputation is very important to me and it’s not right for online posts to harm it because consumers did’t buy his product. My intention, and the outcome, was only to help and I’m still available to do so.

Keep trying.

It just takes 1 winner to make up for the failures and it’s worth the effort. Onward & Upward

@Caelynn Emo

I blame your services. Product has sold tens of thousands without your help.

Earl was a joke to work with and you tried to upsell a failing endeavor. You are a joke and this is a very fair assessment of you and your service.

YOU SOLICITED ME and sold promises. my only mistake was trusting you guys

@Jason Deutsch

Hey Jason They reached out to me, is there a direct number I can contact you at to further discuss your exact experience ??


sure- give me a call at 727-490-**** and i will give my honest opinion and experience with this company which i do not recommend.

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Best Edge Seo Tampa

Was pretty disappointed with my dealings with Best Edge SEO. I initially met with Jeffery DeArmond the ceo of the company. He promised a great many things and partnerships to grow but after the first meeting with him that was the last time we had any interaction in my business. Immediately handed off. He over stated their capabilities and took more than double the time to complete the tasks at hand all while still staying on the same billing cycle. Slow response time, poor results and lackluster communication. You can do better then this internet company.
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This customer we tried to help to sell his plastic cups on Amazon. We really tried to help him as much as possible until he ran out of money and product. I am really surprised by his comments And have tried to make contact with them and he refuses to return my calls.

@Jeffrey DeArmond

That is not true. I did not run out of either money or product or did he try to make contact- just got tired of paying for 0 ROI and shoddy service from you and your company.

We ended up doing 6 figures off amazon once I left you and did it myself. i paid you 2000 for a website that wasn't fully functional after 6 months. Paid 500$ a month for marketing services and got less than 1% ROI for every month! That is poor service on your part.

feel free to call me and i will tell you more on how you let me down and why I do not recommend your company and why you got this review. I do not recommend Jeff DeArmond or Best edge SEO- you were a drain on my bank account and did not further my brand. You also made many promises that you did not keep and you did not even have anything with my business after I paid you- you simply handed me off to Adam-who did not have the expertise you sold to me.

And I put this review up years ago- you just respond now? That shows the type of business person you are.

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  • Over promising and not delivering
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Dex Media is awful. Just awful

I had a terrible experience with Dex media. Started off with Jimmie Degrasse who was the sales consultant. Went over products and services and agreed to contract. Over the next week Jimmie quits his position and no one notifies me. 2 weeks later when I follow up there is a scramble because no ones knows anything about it. Now on the case are Justin Staples, taryn Willis. They come up with bad ideas that I protest yet they don't listen and proceed. 2 weeks later they come forward with their design which is terrible and not what we discussed seeing. in come Matt Latendresse and Mara Schroder. They manage to give me the run around for another few weeks and ultimately cannot provide the service they offered. I am still receiving bills for a service that was never completed. Constant run around, unscheduled billing, terrible customer service, poor product as well. This group was terribly unprofessional and unqualified at their positions.
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We hate to hear of your frustration regarding your account. As a Dex Media client, your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

We'd like to address this matter. Please contact our Client Care team at ExecutiveClaims@***.com, providing your business name/address and telephone number.

Also, you can reach out to us at Social@***.com for prompt follow up. Thanks, Ed.

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Saint Petersburg, Florida
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Poor customer service
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Let the company propose a solution