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I was very upset after ordering with Dr Leonards as it is my opinion they use tactics which I see as predatory to bilk older people out of money. I ordered and got free shipping. At the end of the order process a box popped open saying to click for free shipping. I...
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How did they know your age ? Your statement that the business caters to older people is unsubstantiated and therefore your discrimination claim is unfounded.

That doesn't mean they're not predators, but you need proof. Why did you waste so much time and effort with the telephone when a simple formal demand letter served via Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested would have been more effective and a lot less annoying.

I'm too old to annoy myself over trivia .... my remaining time is too precious to waste.

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Dr Leonards Customer Care
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Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy
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I would like to see Dr Leonards stop using these tactics I see as predatory to seniors.
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Resolved: Xfinity has been a real nightmare!

Update by user Feb 01, 2016

I got a hold of a rep that was really good. He helped me get volume fixed with speaker remote input.

He also read all I have gone through and offered me free movie channels to make up for my experience thus far. I appreciated him and his help.

Original review posted by user Feb 01, 2016
Switching to x-finity has been a nightmare! First installation guy didn’t want to climb pole to hook up. I had to go with him to hook it up or he wouldn’t have. The next man they sent out to relocate box didn’t and my smart TV wouldn’t hook to internet. I was bombarded with phone solicitors upon switching. They said it was just because # was listed, I asked where, they said it was in phone book. I said that wasn’t true as phone book had my husband’s name and all calls were to me and this is the first service we put in my name. Finally found out they put list of new unlisted numbers out there for soliciting and a rep removed my name after I paid to be unlisted. Then a third instillation guy came out to move modem and said his drill was 7 years old and he didn’t know if he’d be able to drill into house and would probably just damage house. He couldn’t get smart TV online, so I googled it and told tech he may need to hook modem directly to TV to get them synced up. That worked and TV went online. I was shocked to be charged $70 when the man didn’t do anything. I was credited after yet another call. I have made 16 calls trying to things set up right. I still I cannot get volume on Netflix or Amazon now. I have 2 days left in trial period and am moving tomorrow to a more competent company that isn’t such a nightmare.
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Pueblo, Colorado
Xfinity Tv Service
  • Internet speed
  • Unwillingness to rectify situation
  • Service does not work
  • Lazy installer
Reason of review
can't get volume on netflix or amazon, spent many hours already trying to get things fixed
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Full refund