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Letter (Pissed, Dated August 08, 2020; TIME: 4:05 A.M.Think Sears is not honoring their Service Agreements! They are telling customers that they do not have any INSTALLERS to replace major appliances and their branded KENMORE water heaters. SEARS only wants to pay a small fraction of the delivery and installation cost. Currently, in the North Bay area of California, it cost about $1,000-$1400.00 for the delivery and installation fee(s). This is the median fee charged to install the water heater professionally in 2020 (Bay Area). SEARS only wants to pay $424.00 for the installation, which by the way, they are supposed to be the ones that do the INSTALLATION, I.E. Under the Master Protection Warranty. What they are offering is not FAIR and perhaps, quite unlawful. Because in good faith we entered into an agreement/contract with SEARS that they would REPLACE the DAMAGE WATER HEATER, INSTALL IT until the warranty/service protection agreement expires. They are reneging on their CONTRACT(S). If SEARS can not provide the installation under the active warranty...then they should have the customers provide estimations/quotes for installation from at least one or two 3rd party installers OR better yet "WHY" isn't Sears utilizing 3rd party installers to fulfill their MASTER PROTECTION AGREEMENTS (themselves)? SEARS need to take RESPONSIBILITY and do the JUST thing! Customer's purchased the warranties and entered into a law-abiding contract with them in GOOD FAITH and suddenly they are NOT HONORING THEM by not providing or fulfilling the INSTALLATION and DELIVERY of the water heater replacement. Additionally, SEARS is giving customers the run-around! Their supervisors are not helpful at all. Each Service Dept. passes the customer off to the next, they place the customer(s) on HOLD for long periods of time (15-20 minutes)...then when someone finally comes to the phone...they disconnect/hang-up! Unfortunately, they fabricate the reason "why" they are NOT fulfilling customer's warranties. They are telling customers that there is no one in the customer's service area to do installations for SEARS. If that is true they can subcontract professional third party installers to get the job done. We actually found FOUR plumbing/water heater companies willing to do it (including Lowes and Home Depot)! So, WHY is SEARS stating that there is no one in our area that can install the water heater? They have our full address and zip code. SEARS is a very dishonorable company. They utilize unprofessional practices. Their employees respond as if they are reading from some type of rehearsed script. SEARS desire to record/monitor the conversations from the customers via phone, but if you tell them that you are going to record/monitor the phone call, as well...then they will not talk to you! That makes no kind of logical sense what-so-ever! Well, to date (08-08-2020) they have NOT paid us any funds towards our WATER HEATER, DELIVERY, and INSTALLATION FEES. Additionally, we had been without HOT water for approx. 10 days. We finally had no choice, but to pay for a new water heater, along with the delivery and the installation of the water heater from our own pocket. The Water Heater was $823.+ $1059.00= $1,882.00. Mind you, our SEARS Master Protection Agreement does NOT expire until November 10, 2020. SEARS Company no longer has integrity and good business ethics. SEARS must realize that this is about fairness...doing what is JUST. We are requesting that SEARS reimburse us for approx. $1,882.00 (out-of-pocket) expenses due to SEARS Company not honoring the binding contract/warranty. Q: Any attorneys that think we have reason to sue Sears concerning this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us via this site. Yes, we are truly PISSED CONSUMERS! We have tried everything in our power to get SEARS to do right by us, but they elect not to do so.

User's recommendation: Think long and hard about purchasing any services from SEARS, their integrity is absent!

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Hayward, California
Sears Water Heater Replacement
  • Sears is closing stores all over the nation
  • Until they liquidate
  • But they still should honor their master protection agreements
  • Refusal to honor service agreement hassle free
  • Very unprofessional and lack integrity
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