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Kia Motors Finance - Made false derogatory note on credit

1. Leased vehicle with Kia 2. Made all payments on time 3. Made final payment ahead of due date (term of lease fees, wear/tear costs and final payment) - on February 28 4. Never heard from them for months 5. They started calling about an outstanding amount - May, 2020 6. Asked for a bill with description outstanding amount. They were going to send me a bill. Never did. 7. They called at least three other times. Still no bill or statement received 8. They sent a letter on June 23 stating account was paid in full and closed. 9. July 28 they made a derogatory remark on my credit 10. Called to ask why - they state I have an outstanding balance. I asked for a bill 11. Still have not received a bill 12. Credit impact: Down 40 points! This was after I had a nightmare of a time dealing with my lease and how they manage monthly payments and annual tax payments. They are constantly causing late payments because they do not know how to attribute tax payments and separate them from monthly payments.....even though I paid separately to track the tax payment. NEVER AGAIN!!!

User's recommendation: Stay away from KIA!!!!

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Kia Motor Finance should be investigated. We are approaching the end of our lease.

When called to inquire about purchase instead of turning the car in that is when we ran into a problem. They raised the credit score requirement supposedly. I've had the car for 3 years & have low mileage. I think they want the car so they can really make money with it.

Our credit score is the same actually had increased since we leased the vehicle. We've paid half of the cost already in the lease! This is ridiculous, the payment has been on autopay! So they have history with us why wouldn't they go ahead & let us turn it into ownership.

Plus I paid $800 cash for a service contract & haven't gotten anything? Big rip off, we were upset but now we're glad.

I will never buy from Kia again or dao business with the car lot either. They not Kia stand by their product!


this same thing is happening to me! Its so bad I just want to turn in my car and buy something cheap

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Kia Motors Finance Leasing
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