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Regular Savings Plans Review

Oscar Winson #1336742
Please take notice that Oscar Winson has initiated a Complaint against this Post due
to alleged violations of Pissed Consumer’s Terms of Use
( pursuant to Pissed Consumer’s Legitimacy
Verification Program. To receive a copy of the Complaint send an email to requesting a copy that includes the review number for this Post. You, the Poster, have a right to respond to the Complaint to establish the truth of the Post’s statements. If you intend to respond, you have 20 days from the date this Notice was posted to answer the Complaint. The Answer form found at must be submitted to within 20 days of this Notice was posted. Failure to submit an Answer within 20 days waives your right to participate in the Legitimacy Verification Program as to this particular Complaint. All Legitimacy Verification Program disputes are decided by an independent attorney who is not an employee of Pissed Consumer and whose firm has contracted with Pissed Consumer to provide attorneys who will serve as Third
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