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This company... Wow. You again... Really? Now you have consumed all the thoughts and dreams of my top client like some sort of psychotic cult following... Using HIGH pressure sales and meetings. I wonder what you do to make her like this. That right there makes you...
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"Angelous from Stratford, Ontario" you spout total utter stinking *** Your claim to know "...lots of wfg people who work hard is a multi million income earner..." is impossible. Please take a look at the WFG 2015 Ring Earners at www dot facebook dot com/world dot financial dot group dot inc. Go to the graphic at 3 February 2016 on the FB Timeline. How many "multi-mil earners" do you find there? Right--a pathetic *21* WFGers. Most of whom Aegon grandfathered in during the year 2001 when Aegon bought WMA and renamed this sleazy exploitative MLM to WFG. Angelous that's a whopping 21 folks out of almost 251,000 recruits and Life Licensed (LL) folks for that year. That comes to a vanishingly small *0.008%.*

Angelous, let's get real shall we? FACT: WFG pays you NO hourly wage or salary or gives you any bennies. FACT: WFG pays you a paltry 25% of commission or 35% if you sell terrible Transamerica products, especially the FFIUL that's virtually GUARANTEE to fail, costing your victims $100,000s. If you're going to "be your own boss" you're much better off with a non-MLM agency that pays you 70--80% of commission from Day One AND is more likely to have veteran agents who actually know the PRODUCTS to mentor you, not just how to recruit and sell trashy financial products. FACT: We see a *bigger* earnings gap in WFG than at your “J.O.B.” 17 months ago (27 Aug 2015) HuffPo ran a piece decrying the “outrageous” 204-to-1 pay gap between the CEO and rank-and-file workers, with 4 CEOs at the top of the list earning more than 1,000-to-1. We can put WFG right up there with the worst of them with its staggering *1,321*-to-1 gap. ($3m ring earners compared to the 99.7% who earn, on average, $2,272/yr.) So much for WFG giving you the fair shot at the big bucks your J.O.B. kept you from.

Bottom line, angelous: Will you please get a grip!? If you can't accept reality and prefer to keep to lie your sorry fraudulent *ss off, will you at least put more effort into it? Thanks for considering it.

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