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Montgomery County Public Schools - MD

Curriculum 2.0 - What a joke. I'm sorry, your son will not be writing much this year as it is not in the curriculum. - stated by a principal when discussing a first grade child who reads on a fourth grade level and given word wall words such as 'of'. We are working with the new curriculum and will see what we can do to challenge your son - 3rd grade, who was doing 5/6th grade work in second and is back to doing 3rd grade level work in third. It is going to be a long year. Many school principals will tell you that they will challenge your children on their level of ability, now that I've called them on it for years, they are telling me the truth. The truth hurts. Some administrators have suggested that the child be given more challenging work at home. I'm sorry, but I don't think it is kind to a child who has worked to apply themselves and achieve a higher level to have to do more work. In fact, I believe that this punishes those who have achieved. Joshuar Starr, we are waiting for the big improvements and are not looking to go backwards. Thus far, you've been unresponsive to concerns. Board of Ed has been unresponsive and I'm told that I need to go to a public forum to voice my concerns.
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I absolutely agree. I feel that this curriculum may have bridged the gap at my childrens' expense!

They are above grade readers and were above grade in math only to be brought down and unchallenged! Hate the new system.

It hasn't helped my children progress. Let's face the facts here, some kids will not be reading at grade level unless they are tutored, either because of a language barrier or because they lack the desire to learn!


I don't know many people who can afford to quit their jobs so that they can home school their children. I did it for my older child and loved it, but the loss of income is significant.

Thanks for the suggestions though.


Curriculum 2.0 is no joke for Pearson stockholders and CEOs. They are lovin' it.


If your children are smarter than the grade level MCPS curriculum (and you know this how?), send them to a private. Can't afford it?

Home school them, even better. I am sure you can do a better job than MPCS and its curricula and teachers.



We def will! But the point is the school needs to keep up with our kids! Just as they are trying to accommodate those having difficulties by "bridging the gap"

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Len Depas Photography

Len Depas Photography
Check the fine print, as you never know who will really be taking your pictures. He said that he would love to do my wedding photography, but he did not show up. He sent someone else in his place. I paid for him, as he had a reputation for being one of the best. One of the best scammers, is more like it. Regardless of which photographer you use, you need to check who is actually going to be taking the pictures. Everything should be in writing. Don't listen to any of their charming words. Yes Len, you were very charming.
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Len,Thanks for making our wedding such a wonderful event. We had such an amazing time.

Your pictures this morning are fantastic.

See you soon. Allyson.



Gita and I love the pictures. They look fantastic. Thanks and see you next week.

Navid & Gita


> Wow. We just watched the whole thing. Len you are an

> incredible artist.

> We are heading out of town for the week. Let's touch

> base when I return.

> You are the best. We all love the photos and YOU!!!

> Debbie


His brother Ralph Depas just finish my daughters'wedding @Crest Hollow Country Club...

The result was a master piece.

His brother Len ,only works with very talented photographers..

I recommend any photographers form Len Depas Studio.


We had the exact same experience with Len de pas on our wedding day, and we would love to talk with anyone else who experienced the same or similiar problems with Len De Pas. Please contact me at upsetcustomer2009@***.com.


I had no idea.

I was amazed as to how much he was going to charge me for more photos that were not in my wedding album.

I waffled and decided to pay. I went back too late! They said that they had discarded the pics.

So sad.

BTW-This was prior to digital and when I saw him last, he mentioned that he gives the digital copy to his clients- Guess not. :(


Yes and he does NOT give our digitals either. Read your contract before you sign.

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Bulman Dunie Burke and Feld - Nancy Farren Esquire - Bethesda Maryland

Bulman Dunie Burke and Feld - Nancy Farren Esquire - Bethesda Maryland
Nany Farren was hired to perform the adoption of my child. She claimed she had experience in this area. She over charged me several times and adjusted the bill when she was called on it. She also filed incorrect adoption papers, which was told to me by the family law judge after I fired her for trying to rip me off for the third time. I was able to file the adoption papers entirely on my own. The forms were available in the Rockville Law library. I don't have a college degree let alone a law degree. She should have been able to fill out the correct document.
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Nancy Farren convinced my mentally ill ex-husband to hire private investigator after investigator, download all my phones and computers in a divorce case. She drained our family of $350,000 in 6 months.

In the end the private investigator called me to warn me that he thought my husband was unstable and may hurt me.

The private investigator testified for me in the divorce. Nancy ended up firing my husband saying conflict of interest when I believe the truth is, he was out of money.


So sorry, in retrospect I should have filed a complaint with the attorney grievance commission.

@Still disappointed1

Please find a way to contact me. This is no longer a grievance issue.

This must be brought to the DA and our Legislatures. A Screen Play is in the works about her called " The BIA".

I was told by all councel to walk away from her, that infuriated Nancy FARREN bc she could no longer profit off my daughters pain. Please don't be afraid to go public.

My custody firm will never use her and the evaluator who is a highly regarded forensic psychologist has written that she does not agree with her at all. I'm told what she's done in our case has been an example experts are talking about in law conferences.

You'll be helping so many children by reporting her to the DA.

@Still disappointed1

You still can report Nancy Farren... there is no Statue of Limitations.By reporting her it will be in the record and they will take other reports on her more seriously.She’s a dangerous lawyer.


I was also a victim of Nancy Farrens abuse. She made thousands off my family and lied in her writings.

I also met another mother who went through a similar situation. Nancy FARREN filed motions when she had no legal mandate. I know a mother who she kept the kids from any contact for almost 4 years. Nancy Farren had done the same to me.

I just recently got phone records from the Montgomery County Police Department proving she lied in emails submitted to court. I am filing a grievance and a story is being written about her that will be made public. Please don't let her get away with this. She has destroyed my daughters lives and I have had no contact in over 4 years.

The top custody firm wrote to her about her unethical behavior and evaluators have called her dangerous and unstable. I have the letters that I will be turning in to a grievance commitee and she billed pretending to call therapists, writing that she was waiting for a call back when they had left the case years prior.

She is very unethical. Thank God the police gave me the phone records to prove she lied.

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