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DOORDASH - Terrible Unethical Company! BOTTOM LINE!

Okay, this company from a consumer end has gotten wrong 50 of the 75 orders we have made. We overlooked, and because we knew would fall back on there drivers, let it go. Now here is bigger issue, they change the options to cancel from order or use vendor recommendation. He is the bottom line, there processes suck and doomed to failure. They can take there *** token refunds and shove it! We finally asked as the orders were so bad, and obvious they are only concerned about themselves. If you read about the company or the way they set up there poor dashers. It really is a bunch of unethical TIGHT self serving Stanford boys, with NO COMMON sense. Brains don't always make good business men. The CEO must be a real self serving ***! Never had such a one sided experience over time. There website is foul! try to fins a phone number, to change or remove your credit card. Try to cancel your account! IMPOSSIBLE! You can at times chat, and oh I am so sorry, oh were so sorry your not happy! Oh so sorry! then ignore everything you are saying and offer you a $6.99 delivery fee, I am sure they pull from there driver. I would bet they don't even give the driver the tip the they force you to add. Bottom line, they SCREW UP because of bad policies. Send you $30 of incorrect food, you tip $6 and they refund you $6.99 which they I AM SURE THEY TAKE FROM THERE DRIVERS. *** WILL NEVER EVER GET A PENNY FROM ME EVER AGAIN, BEWARE! LISTEN THEY ARE QUICK AND OFFER ALLOT OF RESTAURANTS, BUT I THINK THEY LAY IT ALL ON THEIR DRIVERS AND THEY HAVE THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER SEEN. COMPLETELY SELF SERVING. IF THIS COMPANY REALLY GOES PUBLIC, I WOULD STAY THE *** AWAY. THERE VALUE HAS TO BE SMOKE AND MIRRORS OR ON THE BACKS OF THEIR DASHERS OR CUSTOMERS. I FEEL SO BAD FOR THEIR DASHERS AS THEY CALL THEM, HAD NO IDEA THERE MADEL WAS THIS MUCH OF A ***.
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Poor customer service
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*** accept responsibility and stop being unethical ***