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KS State U/E Insurance Needs to Audit CitiBank!

I've been unemployed and collecting U/E Insurance from the State of Kansas. They have joined with CitiBank/CitiCorp to have the funds diverted from the State into individual accounts. These Individual Accounts have funds that are available either thru an ATM/Visa/MC Card that recipients can use to withdraw monies directly from an ATM (ie.- 7-11 or Direct Citi Bank ATM, etc). You make your weekly claim by Sunday, and the Funds are supposed to be available by Wednesday. Well..... CitiBank/CitiCorp has begun holding these funds for a day or two and those people who rely on these monies are SOL. Citi is surely breaking some laws and/or regulations, and they must be held accountable! The idea of a Bank Giant taking advantage of Citizens who are already in Crisis Mode is Truly untolerable! These Citi Exec's and those Congress-Persons who ensured Citi's Deal with the State of Kansas (and any other States) should be Criminally prosecuted to the fullest extent that the Law allows!
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Citibank Claim
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Experian asking for Info already provided: Dispute

In July, I got a copy of my Experian Credit Report and sent a Dispute Letter to them advising of inaccurate information on my report. I worked in the Credit Card Industry for over 10-years, so I was quite familiar with the information they needed. I provided them with a copy of my Driver's License, a copy of my original dispute letter, and a copy of a recent utility bill. They requested the same info. Sounds like they are running behind and sent this duplicate request to buy more time! This is a Bad Business Practice from a Credit Bureau!
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Experian Credit Report
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Microsoft Office 2007: Too Bad / So Sad

This Agent, David, tells me he can fix the problem within 20-minutes, but he wastes that time trying so sell me stuff that I #1)Did not call for; #2)Do Not Want; and #3)will Have repeatedly refused his offers!!! ========================================================================= David [13:58]: Welcome to OmniTech Support for Microsoft. We will be offering you 20 minutes of free chat support for Microsoft Office products. We've been solving more than 50% of the issues during these free periods. If your particular issue is more complex and can't be fully resolved within the free 20 minutes, then we will have to charge you to resolve the issue in those cases. I am reviewing your issue now. Chris [13:58]: MS-Office 2007 Help Files are missing. "There is a problem with one or more installed help files. Please repair your Office installation and try again." I've run Repair, and this didn't fis the problem. I was then advised to uninstall & reinstall MS-Office, which I have done. I still get the same error when I try to access MS-Office Help Files. I have MS-Office 2007 installed on my Laptop from this same disk-set and I have NO PROBLEMS! David [13:58]: HI Chris. This is David. Chris [13:58]: Hi David. Can you help me with this problem? David [13:59]: Sure, I will be glad to assist you with this issue. Chris [13:59]: I've run Repair = No Help Files. I've Uninstalled/Reinstalled = Still No Office Help Files. David [13:59]: May I know are you facing this issue with all of the office application? Chris [14:00]: Yes. Same message for each Application on my Desktop. David [14:01]: Thank you for the information. [14:01]: To make best use of our time, the best way for me to fully diagnose your issue is to let me see the issue inside your computer. May I go ahead? Chris [14:02]: For my desktop, I first downloaded trial edition. Then I purchased Office'07, after I received CD's, I installed it on my laptop (which works fine). Yes, you may Go Ahead. David [14:02]: Thank you for allowing me to access your computer. [14:02]: In case we get disconnected while setting up remote access or during this chat session, what would be the best number to reach you instantly? Chris [14:03]: 913.205.8083; I am closing applications not needed for our purposes. David [14:03]: Okay. Are you using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Chrome? Chris [14:04]: IE-8 David [14:04]: Please open a new Internet Explorer browser by Clicking on the Internet Explorer Icon. Chris [14:05]: Done David [14:05]: Please type in the address bar of the Internet Explorer and press Enter key. Chris [14:05]: Do I need to disable my McAffee? David [14:06]: No, no need to disable the Mcaffee application. Chris [14:06]: OK [14:06]: What is my Name & 9 Digit Support Key? David [14:06]: Please enter your name and the Support key "000000000" and click on "Connect Now". [14:07]: Also please click on the "RUN" option when prompted. Chris [14:07]: I clicked on Launch Software button David [14:07]: That's fine.. Chris [14:08]: Almost ready... David [14:08]: Okay. Please click on "Yes" or "Allow" or "OK" to establish the remote connection Chris [14:09]: OK. I just approved Session. Can you Remote In now? David [14:09]: I am able to view your screen; could you please show me the exact issue that you are facing? Chris [14:09]: This is it. I'll move the conversation window... David [14:10]: May I know have you purchased the Office 2007 full version? Chris [14:11]: It acts like the Free Trial version Help Files and the Purchased Office 2007 Help files are in conflict. [14:11]: Yes. Purchased using my Discover Credit Card. Do you need that info? David [14:11]: Do you have the original office 2007 product key with you? Chris [14:12]: I have both disc Set. Prod Key: M8GB6-HMWQB-3F3C4-T2J9B-D6673 David [14:13]: Thank you for the information. [14:13]: let me have a check on the issue, please stay online. Chris [14:15]: OK. Strange, I had to find the P/K on my Laptop. I couldn't find it on my D/T. That's why I think that the trial version, that I later converted to the full version (when I bought it), is having a conflict with the Trial Version Help FIles and that conflict is brought to surface (or was brought to service) with a recent Service Pack Update. David [14:15]: Chris, please do not worry about the issue, I will surely fix it for you. [14:16]: Okay, let me have a check on this issue, please be online. Chris [14:16]: From the Control Panel, I cannot UNinstall the trial version. I simply cannot find it. You do not have to respond to each of IM's, I realize you are busy, but consider this more information relevant to the problem that I hope helps. David [14:17]: Thank you for the information. I will surely fix this issue for you, please give me a moment so that can have a check on the exact issue. [14:20]: Chris, please do not move your mouse cursor so that I can assist you better on this issue. Chris [14:20]: BTW - Today I replaced the CLVIEW EXE that was from 2007 with a version from my laptop that was as new as 200 David [14:25]: Thank you for waiting. [14:25]: I am currently working on your issue and I will surely fix it for you. [14:26]: I need to perform couple of advanced trouble shooting steps to fix this issue. [14:26]: Hence I would require around 20-30 minutes more to completely fix this issue.***[NOTE: HE SAID 20-30 MINUTES TO COMPLETELY FIX THIS ISSUE]*** [14:27]: While I'm doing that, I would like to tell you about our System Uptime Assurance Plans that we currently offer. [14:27]: By the way, if you choose one of our System Uptime Assurance Plans you can get this issue resolved for FREE no matter how long it takes. [14:27]: May I know when did you last optimize your computer? Chris [14:28]: David. Am I being charged for this service / sales experience David [14:28]: Please do not worry about the cost, however if you choose one of our System Uptime Assurance Plans you can get this issue resolved for FREE no matter how long it takes. [14:29]: Let me explain the benefits of our System Uptime Assurance Plans so that you come to know how it works. [14:29]: In fact our comprehensive uptime methodology offers protection in 3 different phases. [14:30]: If at any time, your computer is affected by viruses, malware, adware or spyware, you can get connected to our in-house certified technical experts instantly and avail our "UNLIMITED" troubleshooting sessions. Chris [14:30]: Obviously, you see from my logs the last time I optimized. I also use McAffee regularly, and use their Optimization (too). I also like to defrag/optimize via Windows regularly. David [14:31]: Chris let me inform you that the optimization process does not include only de-fragmentation process, our pre-emptive System Uptime Assurance process includes 15 globally accepted steps. Chris [14:31]: If it's going to be more than 10 minutes, do you mind if I go microwave a sandwich real quick? David [14:31]: This would optimize your computer's performance and greatly reduce the chances of crashing or files from being corrupted. [14:31]: It will take only 2 more minutes... [14:31]: I appreciate your patience. [14:31]: You'll get "UNLIMITED" technical and training sessions + 24 system optimization sessions worth $35 each + FREE Industry grade Antivirus/Firewall + 24/7 support for any computer related issues + back up facility. [14:31]: All this for only $299.99 for the year!! This is our most popular offer. Chris [14:31]: That's fine. I am diabetic, so I have to get some food in me. I'll be right back. David [14:32]: Sure, take your time. [14:35]: Please let me know once you are back, so that I can explain you the special offers that we provide to you, if you sign up for our service plan now. Chris [14:36]: I'm back. [14:37]: No offense, but I first want to resolve the issues that I have with the software that I have already paid from MS. David [14:39]: Okay, in that case you can just pay $34.95 for this session and get this issue resolved right away. [14:39]: In addition you would be getting a one time Optimization absolutely Free. Chris [14:40]: This session was advertised as FREE support. What's up with that? It said up to 45min, you told me it would take 20 minutes, and the clock is now at 42 minutes. David [14:40]: Chris, we provide the first 15 minutes as free and than have a minimal charge after it. Chris [14:40]: Am I fixed now? Your now nearly 20 minutes over what you originally stated. [14:41]: Still, that would be 13 minutes over what you stated. David [14:41]: I will surely fix you issue. Please feel assured. [14:42]: I appreciate your understanding that we have already offered 15 minutes of free support while troubleshooting this issue. ====================================================================== He went on to try to sell me something else. I again refused to buy anything and asked him to fix the problem as he promised, and he quickly replied that my FREE HELP TIME HAD RUN OUT and he disconnected the session! The problem is that I originally downloaded the TRIAL Version of MS-Office 2007 on my Desktop and they sent me the installation disks. From the Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, I cannot select the Office-2007 Trial Version to remove from my Desktop PC,... the one that no longer has the Help Files. I installed MS-Office 2007 on my Laptop from the disks, which is legal to do, and I have not experienced any problems. I have surmised from this experience that neither MicroSoft nor it's Vendors care to support recent products. Rather, their Focus is set on New Sales (along with the commissions that accompany them). How fast can you say MAC?!! Bill Gates: Up your Nose with a Rubber Hose!!
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I signed up for 1 year service from Omnitech

They crached my PC..

now nobody responds :cry



Dude, you do understand that you were not talking to Microsoft, right? You keep mentioning it was Omnitech, but keep *** about Microsoft.

Why would you file this as an MS issue. It would be the same thing as if you bitched about Dodge because "Ricky's Fast and Dirty Repair Shop" couldn't fix your headlight.


Hey Kathy &/or Tom:

The Rep was RAS'd into my PC (RAS=Remote Access Service). He was "driving" my PC, had control of the mouse, hard drive, everything, while we had a shared conversation window open (hence, the comments for this blog). He fumbled around my PC and was clearly focused on Closing A Sale (he didn't do anything productive on my PC other than looking at the software installed on my PC). If he's in Sales, then he has a Sales Quota to meet. Just like a New Car Salesman, if I'm not interested in buying ~ then he is going to try and get me off his Sales Lot so he can chat up a Sale with a Customer who is Buying what he's selling.

My comment, KU_Alumn on 22-07-2009 15:32, specifically provides the FIX that I implemented. I am a DB Programmer and Analyst. This experience was purely a test about MS-Tech Support. It failed miserably, and left me flabbergasted! :eek // :roll


Chris, it seems that you have not got the point that the rep was trying to explain you. I think you were more irate that he was going to charge.

I'm a satisfied 68 yr old with the service that I got from Omnitech when I contacted them with a problem in Word.

Ofcourse I had to pay for the service as mentioned on thier add. It was a good expirence to let the rep work on your computer and you don't have to do anything.


Even I had been to this chat. They hav fixed the issue which I couldn't get help from any one.

I have paid for the session. I'm vry much satisfied with the service. Then I signed up for the package.

I got more then wat I xpected. This service is simply superb!

My computer preety faster than b4.


I used to work for a company with a lot of people from India. Hated to work with them.

No imigination, no ability to trouble shoot and no new ideas. The way your techie spoke he was 100% from India.

I haven't installed MS office since Office 97.

Found Openoffice and haven't used anything since. I understand it's too late for you but don't waste yer money on ***.


Thanks for the Commente GMANNV, but your advice is 2 years too late (I bought MS Office 2007 in August 2007). The problem occurred when I installed all the Add-In Programs that came with Disc#2 of the MS-Office Set and the result was that it Defaulted ALL of my Windows Help Files to MS-Publisher.

The frustration lies with MS not supporting their Software, their Reps speak English as a 2nd Language, and their Reps are only motivated to sell you something else. Still, I hope my experience helps someone else.


:upset dont waste your money on mic. off.o7.

get for free. :grin


Okay. I've calmed down & decided to fix the problem myself when I noticed this morning that the Vista Help Files were also giving the same error message. I tried to copy my WinHlp32.exe from my Laptop to my Desktop: Error message telling me that I didn't have rights to delete/change the file. So, from Windows Explorer, I right clicked on the file, chose Properties, Security, Advanced-BUTTON, then Owner TAB, highlighted my User Name from the list of available users {change owner to List}, and clicked OK throughout to get me back to the original file. Then Rebooted and my problem was solved. If you have the same problem and follow the steps outlined above only to find you don't have a recognizable user ID to select, you can create one using the EDIT button at the bottom.

Anyway, after rebooting my PC, I have ALL of my Help Files back! That includes my Windows Vista help files AND MS-Office files. Those Friggin MS-Support Agents ONLY CARE ABOUT SELLING YOU MORE STUFF!!

I'm good now, and I hope my experience / comments help somebody else. It's all good! ;)

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I just read this complaint and felt compelled to respond, in an attempt to help educate fellow Consumers. For Creditors, an open account that hasn't been used within 2-years represents a liability. These cards (account numbers) frequently end up in the hands of thiefs (out of sight=out of mind) who will use YOUR CREDIT to rack up charges. YOU will then have to spend A LOT of time disputing these charges (headache), may have to dispute the charges with Credit Bureaus, and that Creditor may have to absorb the loss (high losses raise interest rates for the rest of us). For Consumers: When you APPLY for Credit, each Creditor looks at 1)Your Income, 2)Your Current Debt, 3)Your POTENTIAL DEBT (amount of open-credit you currently have available). The Creditor views your Potential Debt (amount of open-credit) as a potential-liability because if you end up using ALL of this available credit, that means you will have less Income monies available to repay your responsibility to them. It's a good idea to review your Credit Report annually (you can get a free copy by contacting one of the 3 major Credit Bureaus as you are entitled to one free copy each year, but this sounds easier than it is. These Credit Bureas are: 1-TransUnion, 2-Equifax, 3-Experian). So, in short, it may have been a good decision that the Creditor made to Close your accounts that have been Inactive for 2-years. However, I should mention something else of concern. Sometimes, creditors may decide to sell the Credit Account you have with them to a different Creditor. They do this for both Active and Inactive Accounts. (Recently, WashMutual sold one of my Accounts to Citi). They also do this with Inactive accounts. It also costs money to maintain an inactive account (because it has to be 'kept ready for use'). You should get a letter when this happens, but it can still seem confusing. Good Luck, Everyone!!
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SinglesNet: A True Scam

Single Man Seeks Single Woman: I posted my info on SinglesNet (Credit Card was required to Register). I got the same suggested females, repeatedly. The responses that I got were primarily from Nigeria and Russia (pictures did not match their profiles). These "ladies" all eventually asked for monies! I entertained these responses to see what their game was. Nigerians wanted money for a sick relative, or were stuck in a Hotel outside of Nigeria and needed money because their valuables were stolen and they needed to pay their Hotel bill. Russians also had a sick Mom or Sister, and they needed monies wired to them so they could continue writing to me using the Internet Cafe. Unbelievable, they used the same stories. I quickly cancelled the "free trial membership", but they ended up Billing my Credit Card and I had to Dispute the charges with my Credit Card Company. The Charges (yes, more than one) were eventually credited back to my Credit Card - but this took several months and several letters to Dispute the Charges! Bottom Line: Do Not Use This "Service". This was an Ugly Headache.
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i love singlesnet


lockyinlove u must be a real loser,i heard nothing outta your trash mouth but bull-hit.singlesnet is a ripoff.get a life...


Again if you guys weren't such angry losers, you'd probably have a better shot at finding something REAL.


*** site, I was lucky I met one woman whom I messed around with, she was a psychopath. I'm glad it didn't work out with her.

The same stories mostly for me, people saying they're interested, then u email them back no response. Are there any legitimate dating sites out there, Adult Friend Finder is worse, never met anyone on there.

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