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Lotus Business Solutions -- Denver SCAM

Lotus Business Solutions or LBS Denver is a Pyramid scheme and a scam. 1st sign Lotus Business Solutions was a SCAM - I never even applied to the company. And I checked later. I never sent them my resume to this company on careerbuilder or monster. I don't even know how they got my phone number. This was the 1st lie in a long list. 2nd sign Lotus Business Solutions was a SCAM - Pay. I just graduated, didn't want to live at home with my parents and needed a job. What they tell you on the interview and in person is totally not accurate. My paycheck Never. Literally NOT a single time was right. You won't get the base or hourly pay. You work 90 hours a week. Get paid $300-$400 at best. Even though legally they have to pay your for over time. You're selling Directv in Walmart from 12pm-9pm. You are in the office doing *** meetings from 9-am until 12. 6 days a week. And then after work you're expected to go and do a workshop on leadership or training until 12 am. Every week. I am not scared of hard work I get it. But what they require will burn you out and is ridiculous especially for what the pay is. My last check I never even got. Please explain how a company can legally not pay you for a full week worked. 3rd sign lotus business solutions is a scam: you drive all over Colorado from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins DAILY without any compensation. You aren't paid for gas. You aren't reimbursed for mileage. Nothing. You waste the little money you have on driving all over the state daily. Literally. And dropping off 1/2 the office who doesn't have cars. 4th sign Lotus Business Solutions is a scam: super high turnover. Everyone I started with after the 1st quit because no one was making money. after your 1st promotion you never see people actually move up. There is a massive perception about growth that isn't real. Somak Suckschraborty just tells you all the markets they have opened and how much "growth they've had". Ok well explain this to me-- on my interview they said someone is in the leadership role for 6-12 months well how come my trainer has been here for over 2 years-- another leader has been there for 4 years. On my interview they said the junior partner position was about 6 months. Well the junior partner Steve has been a junior partner for over a year. 5th reason Lotus Business Solutions is a scam: they lie to customers on the regular. Daily. Whatever sheet I signed going over the rules on Directv none were followed. Reps did credit checks on people on people who didn't know about it. Reps said the price never changes. Yeah it does it goes up $40 in the 2nd year. I heard Dish does doesn't do contracts. Yeah they do. I heard reps say no it's not a contract we're just locking in the price. Yeah it's totally a contract and you won't be able to get out of it. I heard we will buy you out of your contract. Yeah no that's not possible either. I heard reps tell someone they could bundle with Comcast and 100 meg internet was $30. Dude I'm a huge gamer. I may have Netflix but I know my internet. And I know for over 100 megs with Comcast it isn't $30-$40. I even asked a comcast rep who was with me at the chambers store and they said yeah minimum going to cost $50-$60. Let's see I heard heard reps lie about we can move you for free. I tried with a customer who was moving in a month and didn't know her new address. Yeah it cost her tons to move. 6th reason Lotus Business Solutions is a scam- If you don't do what Somak wants you to do he will just passive aggressively *** you. He said it was ok if I took off I had important family matters. And the next week he yelled at me and put me in the slowest store that was over an hour away. Really bro??? Really??? Don't tell me one thing a do another. Just tell me what's up like a normal adult. When I asked him about it, he gave some *** response about focusing on sales or some ***. No your punishing me when you told me it was "ok". 7th reason Lotus Business Solutions is a scam- I did 10 sales one week. 10. Guess how many I was paid on 1. I made $125, instead of the $1,250 I was expecting. And when I asked about it I never not once got a clear answer. Seriously.
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It's a great company. But not for people looking to cash a check for just showing up.

I've been with this company for 7 years now and I know everyone involved. The C.E.O is extremely caring but hard hitting and ambitious. He has built a business for the right people to succeed. Invested most of the profits to build the business and invest in all of us employees.

Started the business with only 5 or 6 employees and now has a business that employs and provides for 400..with 20+ senior partners. That's atleast 20 families that have a changed and better life.

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Denver, Colorado
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