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Online defamation

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Ian Leahy. We are not silly. We saw how you created a complaints board complaint, which began this whole affair. And we also see how you prefer to fake reviews on your school website. You are an embarrassment to the Online TEFL/TESOL industry. Please, have a rethink of how you conduct your business and how you win new customers.
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Your real name is Neville David Thomas. And you operate the site TEFL online pro. There you call yourself "Paul Murphy". Your other site "Trusted" TEFL reviews is where you call yourself "Mia Williams". Then there's your fake accreditation called ACTEFLC that you made. Across the web you write fake reviews, fake comments, create fake awards, impersonate people, make threats, etc. And you used to have another scam that was very similar called ITTP TEFL.