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Lotus Business Solutions-- Shady Denver Pyramid Scheme

1) FRAUD- Ok so the biggest downside of sales is sales people lying. It's rampant. You stand in a Walmart selling cable. And lying to poor people who can't afford a 2 year contract and the cost to get out of it. These are Walmart customers. I saw Reps lie about: it wasn't a contract, the price doesn't go up -- yes it does it goes up $40 in the second year, doing credit checks on people who have no idea their credit is being run. A rep will get the customer to write down their name address and phone number and say for more information. The customer walks away. Then another rep acts like the customer and runs their credit without their knowledge. That's fraud. It is illegal. I couldn't go to sleep at night knowing I had screwed people who didn't even know it for $300 a week. Lotus business solutions is not worth it. Lotus business solutions probably has the shadiest business ethics I have ever seen. If you like lying for minimum wage this a great fit! 2) Lotus Business Solutions is Just another Cydcor Pyramid Scheme- yep. They sell you on this fabulous *** dream that doesn't exist. Ask the trainers how long they have been there some over 4 years. Getting paid minimum wage for 4 years. No thanks. They tell you it takes 6-12 months to get to management. Look around. If you don't know what Cydcor is google it. They will work you 90 hours a week for $300-$400 a week. Somak abuses people's dreams and over work them and under pay them. Lotus Business Solutions is just another scam. Somak will claim he makes all this money but wears the same suit missing buttons, most of the reps can't afford a car because they make below poverty level. The president can't even afford a car. It's really sad actually. He is almost 30 and can't afford a car. I never want to be that person. He is also dealing with being deported so that's definitely a good sign. Not. 2) PAY- Don't believe it for a second. I am good at sales. However I barely got paid. The company violated labor laws MASSIVELY. Of course if the reps are doing fraud why would the company have any integrity. Not just a little ...a lot. If you worked over time over time doesn't exist. My last check I got paid for 1 day when I worked 6. That's really illegal. I am in the process of talking to my lawyer. They said I got base. But how is $60 base salary on minimum wage for working 6 days. That's illegal. The President Somak Chakroborty obviously doesn't know American Labor Laws. You Can choose to take advantage of employees in other countries, but that's highly frowned upon in the USA. When I called and asked about it he acted like not paying me for the other days worked was "no big deal" and "I didn't earn it." Well you didn't earn a law suit, but you got it congrats.
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