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Nothing "Right" about All Right Auto Sales in Federal Way, Wa

I am lodging a complaint against All Right Auto Sales for deceptive marketing, deceptive sales practices and for selling vehicles that are unreliable and unsafe to operate. I recommend that you avoid this dealership. If you must go here, know that they will not stand behind their vehicles or their claims of reliability or condition of vehicle. They also price their vehicles up to double the value, thereby giving the perception of giving a deal when they drop the price to a high book value. On Wednesday, July 15th, I spotted a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee at All Right Auto Sales in Federal Way Wa on The vehicle was listed as “Excellent Condition” and was priced quite a way above Kelly Blue Book for a this “year, make, model” even for an “Excellent Condition” vehicle. Since I was in the area, I decided to stop in and take a look. I had been looking for an inexpensive vehicle that could be used as a spare vehicle and towed with all 4 wheels on the ground and had looked at several of this “year, make, model”. By this time, I had done quite a bit of research on this class of vehicle looking for parts availability and parts commonality. When I arrived I was greeted by a salesman who offered to show me the vehicle. He also explained the vehicle was excellent in all ways, with new tires, very clean, drives perfectly and had perfect interior. Upon initial inspection, the vehicle was visually “average” with no significant defects in the body. The tires had approximately 20% tread remaining, but they had been treated with a tire conditioner to appear new. The interior was cleaned but had the signs of 13 years of wear. I understand that a 2002 is a used vehicle, and that some wear and tear would be present. I took that into consideration when inspecting and assessing the vehicle. I used both the Kelly Blue Book condition guide criteria and the NADA guide condition criteria when inspecting and assessing the vehicle. At best, I would rate the condition as “good” according to that criteria based on the standing condition of the vehicle prior to test drive. At that point, I asked the salesman questions on the mechanical condition, “how does it run”, “how does it drive”, and also asked about the price, which was very high for this vehicle. He stated that it had previously sold for that price, but the owner had reported that it was overheating and had brought it back. He stated that the buyer was moving and could not wait for the vehicle to get checked out, and that the dealership stood behind their vehicles and they had accepted the vehicle back and sold the previous buyer another vehicle. He said the dealership had a “certified” mechanic on staff and they had completely gone through the vehicle, repaired the overheating issue and it now was in excellent condition and gave it a clean bill of health. The salesman then offered a test drive and went to get the key. When he returned we started the vehicle, I tested the lights, tested the air conditioner (it was a very hot day), electric windows and sun roof. The salesman again reassured me that their certified mechanic had gone through everything in the vehicle and it was in top condition and everything worked. The salesman then asked me to go up to the office and he would pull the vehicle up and get a copy of my license and insurance card. Up at the office, the salesman parked the vehicle, and asked for my license and insurance card, which I provided. While he was inside, I continued my walk around and noticed water dripping from the tail pipe. Thinking of the prior noted condition (by the salesman) of overheating, I thought this may be an indicator of an issue. When the salesman returned, I pointed this out and he said it was “just condensation” was completely normal in the warm weather and was of no concern. As I continued to probe on this and the salesman called the mechanic over and introduced me to their “certified mechanic” and went on to describe the work that the certified mechanic put into the vehicle checkout. The mechanic agreed it was completely normal and said he put many hours into the repair and completely gone through the vehicle and had found no additional issues giving it a clean bill of health. The salesman and I then got into the vehicle and went out to go on a test drive, which included a stop at the local gas station to put some fuel into the rig. The total test drive time was about 20 minutes and about 3 miles. This included the gas stop. During the test drive the vehicle behaved fairly well, but in that short 20 minutes I noted several issues. First the brakes surged and shook coming to a stop (brake job). The air conditioner worked, but the heater not come on, and only cold air flowed. The salesman said it was the dual climate control system and due to the outside temp, would not change to heating. The vents did operate with very cold air so I accepted his assessment. Again, I understand the vehicle is used, there could be some minor issues and those are price negotiation issues to get the price down, then resolve either on my own or through taking it to a repair shop. When we arrived back at the dealership, I explained what I had noticed and continued my walk around. I looked under the vehicle and noticed a minor oil leak around the rear wheel (rear axle seal). I also noted there was moisture coming from the exhaust. I brought this up to the salesman and the mechanic, and again they said this was completely normal condensation and did not represent any issues. They said they also said they have been in business for a very long time and again stated if issues came up, they would work with me. From an engine perspective, I felt I needed to take them at their word and looked them up on the BBB. Their rating was good and so took them at their word. Big mistake. I negotiated on the price due to the brake issue and the leaking rear seal, as well as the average values on both NADA and Kelly BB. We agreed upon the price and I paid on the spot. We left the lot with the vehicle and made it 25 or so minutes and 10.2 miles on the freeway before I could hear water start rushing in the dashboard. Seconds later, the truck overheated (by that time I was watching closely) and as soon as the truck approached the high temp zone, I pulled over and stopped the truck, opened the hood and let the truck cool. I noticed the water fill tank now empty and the truck heated quickly when started. It also had a severe knock coming from the right head and a constant misfire. I shut it down and had my wife bring my other truck and towed it to the Jeep dealership 3 miles away. The dealership diagnosed the vehicle and reported had undergone multiple overheats and the water pump was completely shot (and had been for a long time as indicated by corrosion from the leaking water from the seal). As a result of the multiple over-heats, the right head had dropped a valve seat and bent a valve and that the heads would need a full replacement or rebuild. They said the right rear axle seal was leaking badly and was obviously leaking for some time as well. The blend doors on the climate control were broken not allowing warm to flow. The dealership said to fix the engine, they would need to rebuild the heads (both because the entire engine overheated and there was a high likelihood that the heads had been warped and more failures would come). The repair costs for the heads and water pump came to $4351.29 An additional $1200.00 for the blend doors to get the heater working and $400.00 for the rear axle seal which I instructed the dealership to put aside until after the engine was repaired. I called All Right Auto Sales to discuss working together on the repair, and their sales manager (the one that told me that they would work with me should anything go wrong) said he would talk to the owner and would call me back. He called a few hours later and stated they would do nothing and would not do anything or even discuss the issue. I mentioned to All Right Auto that their “certified mechanic”, salesman and sales manager assured me that the vehicle had been through significant repairs for the overheating issue, and a thorough inspection for any other defects and further assured me the vehicle got a clean bill of health. I further asked to just bring the vehicle back and cancel the deal, just as they said they had done with the prio customer that had brought it back for overheating; this is when thier true colors came out; they said that they were under no obligation to work with me in the least and that I was on my own. Already having over 6K into the vehicle, and having put less than 15 miles on the truck I had no choice but to have the Jeep fixed at my own cost. While inside the engine, the dealership noted stretched timing chains and abnormal timing chain tensioner wear (due to the multiple overheats). All Right Auto Sales deceived me and misrepresented the vehicle health knowing that it had prior problems with the specific issue that caused the overheat, and was damaged at the time I took possession. These items; the prior overheats, the severely leaking water pump and water from the tail pipe, leaking rear seal and absence of heat from the climate control should have been noticed by a “certified mechanic” and repaired prior to selling a vehicle. They made efforts to cover up the true condition and give verbal assurances not only that the vehicle was in top condition, but that they would work with me should anything go wrong. These folks are deceptive and in my opinion very shady. Keep your distance from this place.. BUYER BEWARE: Don't take any of their words at face value.
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