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15 months awaiting and I am still empty handed

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Lets make this perfectly clear, for the record. I did not change my mind about my desired website at any point. I received 1 complete project from yourselves in April 2015 (after 7 months patient awaiting) which I refused to accept as was completely different to what I had specified in my submission form in Sept 2014. I had clearly detailed everything I wanted to achieve in my submission as well as in several emails before I committed to cooperation - I have no idea where you got confused between submission in September 2014 and April 2015 as my desired project still to this date has not changed - Perhaps if you had actually read my emails and submission form, it may have helped. Since May 2015 you have passed me over to another person - Michael, who after initial introductory email, has never contacted me again. On several occasions during whole period, I asked to be contacted over a phone instead of emails so we could avoid any more confusion but that never happened either.
I cannot believe you are playing a victim now when is me who did not get a single outcome of this cooperation just a huge hea
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