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40 50 Media - 15 months awaiting and I am still empty handed

I submitted my project 15 months ago (!!), paid deposit (50% of full amount) and still have nothing back so judge by yourself if you would like to use them or not... I read negative comments before submitting but foolishly decided to give it a go as had small budget. During process, there was plenty of delays due to different reasons on 4050 Media site: passing project from person to person, family issues etc... 12 months later, they just completely stopped responding. Now I don't have money or website or funds to continue my business. Just Brilliant! From my perspective 4050 Media just stolen my money.
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Dear Agnieszka Strachan,

Thank you for your review but it is a bit unfair to say the least.

We have responded on a number of occasions but had no response in return.

As you are fully aware we have built three complete working versions of a website and actually made a loss on the project even if the balance due was paid.

We built the site as shown in your original brief, you then wanted it changed so we then rebuilt the whole site to a different spec and you changed the brief again and we then rebuilt it for the third time to try and help you.

We tried to help as regards the viability of the site and a lot more. This is one of a number of reviews you've added online to try and tarnish our name to try and obtain money where no money is due. If you want to leave it online then that's up to you but it's not something we would do to a business who had tried to help someone as much as we have.




Lets make this perfectly clear, for the record. I did not change my mind about my desired website at any point.

I received 1 complete project from yourselves in April 2015 (after 7 months patient awaiting) which I refused to accept as was completely different to what I had specified in my submission form in Sept 2014. I had clearly detailed everything I wanted to achieve in my submission as well as in several emails before I committed to cooperation - I have no idea where you got confused between submission in September 2014 and April 2015 as my desired project still to this date has not changed - Perhaps if you had actually read my emails and submission form, it may have helped. Since May 2015 you have passed me over to another person - Michael, who after initial introductory email, has never contacted me again. On several occasions during whole period, I asked to be contacted over a phone instead of emails so we could avoid any more confusion but that never happened either.

I cannot believe you are playing a victim now when is me who did not get a single outcome of this cooperation just a huge headache.

Regarding leaving you review: What would you expect from another angry, ignored customer?

I paid deposit (50% of full price) for one project unsatisfactorily delivered. These apparent "3 other projects" are without evidence and no one ever saw, except yourself.

I didn't try to obtain deposit funds. I asked for project to be finalized! May I remind you, the subject of returning deposit was raised by yourself in Feb 2015 (5 months from submission) when you wanted to proceed with refund as you self admittedly were failing with project delivery due to never ending "Personal Problems".

I re-raised the subject around October 2015 time, because I still had nothing tangible except a failed project and a string of excuses after 15 months waiting. Anyone would!

Can you honestly say that you gave 100% focus and attention to this project? As always I am willing to communicate via telephone however I will not hold my breath as you have thus far declined and this is the closest I have had from a response in several months.

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