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Ripped off by Exact

Ripped off by Exact
I ordered a watch from this company and never received it. Can someone help me find them? I worked patiently with them until, one day I went to the site to discover it was closed. However, a message was displayed saying that the will honor all past orders. Yea right, I haven't heard anything to this day. I'd like to kn ow just how many of us they got rich off of. Web stores should be held accountable for their actions just as any other stores are. How are they allowed to just take advantage of people? Scam.
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i bought one from them and it broke. they said to send it back and they would replace it.

i sent it back and in the mean time they closed. guess i did get to wear it for a few months. they suck and god will get them at the pearly gates.

the funny thing is when it is TIME for them to reach heaven, god will ask them if it is the right time and not let them in cause their watch doesnt work. *** you to ***


:grin I purchased two watches from and recieved both of them. They both came from over seas but work great. So i don;t know they actually supplie me and screwed you guys!!


I'm suprized you actually expected them to send your watch to you. Counterfit watches are illegal.

Anyone selling them is breaking the law. You cannot expect a crook to be honest.


Hey all you folks out there be careful of web stores they seam to be able to rip people off because no one can catches up with them. As soon as they discover someone's on to them, they just close it.

If I were not a good person I could get rich off of innocent folks to. There should be something people can do.


Hope you get them bastards

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