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Cane Corso bought from Appalachian Cane Corso had bone cancer

Cane Corso bought from Appalachian Cane Corso had bone cancer
In Oct 2009 I bought my Cane Corso named Cosmo from this breeder in Marysville PA. He died on Nov 12 2015 of bone cancer. He was only 6 yrs old. He was a beautiful black brindle. He was my companion and protector. On Oct 9th of this year I took Cosmo to the vet because could not walk on his right hind leg. Vet x-rays showed he had bone cancer which spread to his ribs. No sign of problems until that visit. This cancer had to be in his system years before. I've contacted breeder and they said "we'll pray for him". I notified them when he passed and I was so upset that I told don't bother to reply. I also emailed Cane Corso organization that he was registered with to get some answers weeks ago and have gotten no reply. I thought I had bought Cosmo from a reputable breeder but this disease had to run in the family because his vet said it was hereditary. They should not be breeding dogs from his parents. I can't believe that he was the only pup to have this health problem. He also had several eye surgeries because of cherry eye. Cosmo was a couch potato and he loved to watch tv with me. He weighed 126 lbs and now he sits on a table in my home in a box filled with his ashes.
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My 6 yr old cane corso was diagnosed with bone cancer also on may14 2018.He was also bought from a reputable breeder with a health gaurantee.But that health gaurantee doesnt cover none cancer because he is 6 yrs old even though it is hereditary.He was bought from antico cane corso.


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I am sorry to hear about your dog. The same thing happened with my rottie when he was 6, so I understand how hard it is losing your best friend.

I also have a dog from Appalachian Cane Corso. When you buy your dog from them, they guarantee their health for either a year or 18 months. Cancer is not covered. It stinks because you lost your dog so soon, but its not the breeders fault.

They can't know which dogs are susceptible to cancer, and which ones aren't. I know that they sell high quality dogs and do many health tests on both their males and females.

I am sorry for your loss. I wanted to blame the people who I bought my rottie from, but it wont bring him back :(


Thank you for your reply. I do think that the breeder does bare some responsibility for Cosmo's health problems.

The 2 vets that treated him for his eye problems (he also had an ulcer on his eye besides the cherry eye) and cancer said these issues were hereditary. I just am curious to see if any other people had similar problems with their dogs from this kennel.

Thanks again for your comments. I now have a Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog. Her name is Bella and she'll be 2 yrs.

in August. Hopefully she'll have a long and healthy life.

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