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Stay Away From Strongman Movers from Milford Nh

Stay Away from these losers . If you want poor service from a half *** mickey mouse outfit then call them at your own expense. They delivered a piano and forgot parts for it and said they would send the parts they forgot ....and never did. I called politely several times only to hear lie after lie. I gave them over a month Total pieces of ***. As I said they are a couple of sack less cowherds . Stay away and go with a professional not a couple of rag bag idiots . These *** had more than enough chances to take care of their screw up. I was polite and gave them the benefit of the doubt far longer than they deserved.
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Google Robert Gagnon Milford NH and see what pops up first!


This home owner was drunk and rude! All these staements are false...Unreal lol :zzz


Rob Gagnon of strongman movers in Milford NH is a *** and a neo nazi! Just google him!


This is a professional moving company with great rates and professional men. I have used them a few times myself and have recommended them to friends who have been very happy with their services. I wouldn't use anyone else for my large or expensive furniture.


Sorry to here, but it seems theres 2 Strongman Moving companies out there. The NH base company is great!

:) Great movers and great prices. Would reccomend to anyone.....


They are just one of many fly-by-night half *** moving company's out there today. Save yourself time and a lot of aggravation, and just hire yourselves a professional moving company.

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AARQualityFiberglass - AAR Fiberglass hoods fudulenty advertized a product that they new would'nt fit my car

Buyer Beware. Stay away from AAR fiberglass hoods. I ordered and bought a six pack lift off hood from these losers for my 1969 superbee 440 sixpack car. I have my stock air lid and air cleaner. In there advertisement for the hood it says only needs to be sanded and painted. I get the hood and go to put it on the car and the framing of the hood in the rear is hitting directly on my air cleane ?? I call politly to find out what is going on and the Loser Owner Al say's To my disbelief that he knows it wont work on a six pack with the stock air cleaner set up . I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Here I am with a 100,000.00 car and this *** advertises a hood for it specifically for this car with no disclaimer saying that you have to change your air cleaner . The loser then proceeds to tell me that most of the people that buy that hood have 4 barrels or change the air cleaner. Had this low life put a disclaimer in his ad I wouldn't have bought it. On top of it all I wanted my shipping cost back which he refuses to reiburse. It was his false and fraudulent advertising that caused this in the first place. I simply was buying a six pack lift off hood for a six pack car. This lowlife hasn't heard the last from me. If I were any one here I would go with a reputable company not this ***
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I have nothing buy excellent service on all of my purchases with AAR. The company is under new ownership now.


I had trouble with these losers at aar quality hood. The owner allen Allard and his peice of *** wife both suck.

jim in ct must have allards wifes pubic hair stuck in his mouth by the sounds of his comment. Who would come to defend these losers on this board ?

a bit fishy like his wife !! Maybe its Allard himself


Bought a 69 rr six pack bolt on hood a few years it home and front corner didnt line up.turned out mold was damaged and they didnt catch it.called and emailed pics.returned hood to local show and they shipped me replacement free of charge.excellent product and cust. Service. :grin


ALAN ALLARD Owner of aar quality hoods IS A LIAR. His website didn't have this mickey mouse disclaimer when I bought his garbage hood.

To prove this .. I copied and printed out his website listing at the time of my purchase. If anyone wants it I can send a copy. This sneaky weasel only did that because I brought it up to him thatthere was no disclaimer.

as I mentioned above if he hadn't falsely advertized it I wouldn't have bought it in the first place. The fact that he tried to sneak it in after "which I can prove with the dates" just goes to show what type of sneaky establishment this guy is operating.


If you have a supposidly 100,000.00 six pack/six barrel car you would only put on a original hood or a guarenteed show quality hood from year one,or other mopar "correct-a-mundo" only source as to keep the value of the vehicle. Those cars are only worth what they say if they are in original form or has a confirmed quality repop on it!!--nuff said!! :cry


Refer to our web site and you can clearly see the disclaimer for the air cleaner on the six-pak hood.

Customer was refunded the whole amount on the hood as soon as he shipped the hood back to us. Our webs site clearly states that we will not refund shipping cost.

One complaint in 14 years...we are doing pretty good.

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