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Roberts Automotive Apache Junction No Warranty Repair

Roberts Automotive in Apache Junction Az. I do not recommend anyone use this repair place. Robert the owner never appears to be there so trying to complain about his shop and what goes on while he is not there is useless. I have never had a more dissatisfying experience with any retail location in my life. They stated my repair has a 1 year warranty. They took out everything they needed to fix diesel leaks but after they put it all back together they left one small one to leak into the well of my manifold. Instead of fixing the problem or even asking me to pay a portion to take everything back out to get to the area. I was yelled at and told to leave by the count of 3 by one of the employees. I had never given this man any reason to act the way he did. The other two employees were very nice. One of them apologized for the actions of what appeared to be the team leader. I have yet to have had a phone call from Robert the owner. I did turn this company into the BBB. and Robert sent one note back to them with an exact opposite of what actually happened. To this day. Robert has never called me.
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I want to thank you for your complaint. My third new customer came into the shop cause of your complaint, in all reality your full of ***.

Little ole me ran you out of here. Keep in mind you were Video Taped! Video doesn't lie. You think you can intimidate people with your huge belly, but as you can see I wasn't I think this frustrates you.

As I said you proved complaints aren't always bad so inclosing thanks for the new customers for your funny complaint.

Keep it up we always enjoy new customers for a already successful business. Moral of this Customer is the Big Bully lost!


Just to let everyone know. This is a remark about Howard posting that I kept changing my story.

Fact is... if Howard would have every stopped yelling, he would have understood exactly what happened. I did not call Roberts Automotive for better than 3 weeks after they fixed the leak. I told whoever I called on the phone that day, I am about a one hour drive from you.

I am just calling to report that I did indeed find my truck has been dripping since last week and I will be in next time I am in town. They said bring it in and let us look when you are in town. I don\'t drive my truck much, but about one week later I pulled into my driveway forward instead of backing into my steep driveway like I normally do. The diesel started pouring out fast under my truck.

In fact inside of about 5 minutes it left about a 14-16 inch x 6-8 inch long stain. Before it was only a drip. now it\'s pouring. Well I called up Roberts Complete Automotive knowing I had to get it in there right away.

This was about 1:00 PM. Friday. They said not a problem, bring it in now and we will fix it. I get their about one and a half hours later.

They looked under the truck, and I look under the truck but the leak is now just barely dripping. About 20 minutes later, one of the nice mechanics brought me back into the shop to show me the problem and what was missed. The leak was coming from the opposite end, and it is a very small leak. The reason it did not show up right away is because it was very small, it filled up the manifold before it could spill over.

I also don\'t drive my truck too often. I have another car that I drive that gets better gas mileage than that 1 ton truck. Then it dawned on me. The reason it didn\'t leak fast before was because I pulled the truck in on a steep incline I told the mechanic.

Now I understand why it poured out and that it was because the diesel was filled in the manifold and the incline made it pour out...The mechanic said I would need to talk to Howard about fixing it today. I said sure. I am sure he will understand I drove here one hour and called in being reassured by my phone call that I could get it fixed today and there is plenty of time left in the day...I go in to talk to Howard. Howard immediately started yelling at me, He repeatedly called me a liar over and over, that there was no urgent big leak.

It was only a little leak. I tried to explain, he kept interrupting me with his voice raised and repeating that I was a liar. he was telling me this was not warranty repair, that it started a new leak after I left, he said I lied and kept changing my story. Howard..there was no story telling, no lies, I don\'t lie.

this was just a case of your imagination.... I tried many times very calmly asking Howard to please let me explain what I learned about the leak. He would not even let me finish my sentence. He was acting irate.

I could not understand why anyone would act this way. Especially a place of business. Not even one time would he let me get one sentence in. he gave me 3 seconds to get out of the shop and for why I ask, I did nothing..I still don\'t know.

It was absolutely incredible why anyone would talk this way. Finally, and for the first time I responded after the second time he told me to leave. Not yelling but I responded firmly. \"Or What\" To his comment of get out of here in 3 seconds.

The whole time Howard was yelling the counter employee would not even look up. his head was faced down in shame and embarrassment. When we did leave, and as Howard was leaving the room, The counter help looked up at us and apologized to us. My daughter, my wife, and myself.

Like I said previously. This was the worst retail experience in my life.

Your continual immature behavior and twisting of the facts will never change that Howard. You were wrong, you continue to be wrong and if I can help even one person not have to go through what my family and I went through with you, then I feel I accomplished something.


Anyone with any intellect can see right though you Howard. Fact is..Howard has his facts mixed up.

Howard was obviously in a bad mood this day and took out all of his frustrations and anger on a good customer who did nothing to him. Howard was so bent on getting things twisted and saying bad things to me with a raised voice, he would not hear any truth. Fact also remains. I have better things to do than to write responses, but I will certainly keep it up.

After all, had I found a comment similar to my experience, I would have stayed clear of Roberts Complete Automotive in Apache Junction. Maybe this letter will help someone else not make the same bad decision I made with regards to auto repair.


You think going to every web site to complain has done you any good. It doesn't hurt this shop.

It just means your bitter and your upset that i did not bend over and kiss your ***.

Face it you were wrong, just try being a man. By the way post what really happen, like how your story kept changing


this customer was violent and would not cooperate with us to get his vehicle repaired. this shop does not tolerate these kind of customers who refuse to let us help.

simply if the customer would have left if vehicle so we could do the repair he would not be in the boat he is in now. making threats towards people does not help.


I am sorry if I did not get the complete name in here for this auto repair. The full name is Roberts Complete Automotive.

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