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Extreme Wind owner Gary Lynn Shawnee Oklahoma, total scam

Extreme Wind owner Gary Lynn Shawnee Oklahoma, total scam
I bought some wind turbine blades off ebay from extremewind_us, 9 blades and hub to be exact. He claims in his ad that his blades are the best, better then everyone else's he claims. He has a lot of links to rippoff reports and pissed consumer on other companies. I paid $168.00 plus $15.00 shipping for the 9 plastic blades made from PVC pipe. JUNK ! When my wind turbine hit 20 mph winds my blades exploded, went everywhere.JUNK! I believed this guy and got screwed badly. No refund, just a rude return email from Gary Lynn the owner of Extreme Wind. After doing a very extensive research on the net i found that blades made from PVC pipe or any other plumbing pipe are dangerous. You can get killed using them. Here's Gary Lynn's website Don't waste your hard earned money with this scam artist. I found hundreds of complaints on this guy.
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You only paid $183.00, how did you end up losing over $17,000?


This poster Jeff Harmon is the king of criminality and framing people plus writing numerous fake reports against his competition, customers he robbed and to cover his tracks from the past of a long life of one scam after another.

He is now claiming to be K Lynn and many other people for the sole purpose of defaming another person using this system.

Whats new here, its how its done in Missouri. Criminals run the whole place!


HDPE is chemicalally UV stabilized with rutile titanium oxide, but I doubt hillbilly inbreads Frank C and Jeff Harmon below even know what it is. They've never owned or flown a set of Extremewind blades.

They have no clue of their characteristics. They are in fact afraid of them, the reason they go around attacking We could go on and on with this list. When they advertize their cheesy middle eastern imported blades as 'carbon fiber' when it's really carbon black pigment.

No shred of fiber whatsoever. Thanks for dropping in to witness the common attacks of import blackballers and their accomplices.


I think the issue here is that the Extreme Wind turbine blades are simply made from PVC water pipe that are dangerous and will shatter in any high winds and possibly kill someone from the flying debri. Gary Lynn the owner and builder of this wind turbine joke doesn't seem to care who gets hurt as long as he is making money on eBay from the sales.

His ad say that his Delco alternator wind turbine makes 5000 watts in a 20 mph wind ????

The reality is it will make about 2 to 300 watts at that wind speed.A Delco cannot make any more then that as proven by the AWEA.

His fabricated claims of our " US NAVY " using his PVC blade wind turbine is unbelievable, and a down right lie.

Would you buy anything from a guy that makes those claims ?

He is also trying to make these valid pissed consumer reports about another company .


Thing about this copy and paste is, extremewind doesn't even build or import cheap chinese import PMA or PMG's Simply proving the accusers here are really the liars, attcking a small back yard company because they are afraid of it. If Frank C could actually think past his nose, he would probably embarrass himself. I think the issue here is his other personality talking..


You ignerns are something else. You take stuff out of context and manipulate it to make a guy look bad.

This is another ongoing conspiracy by our pal, Jeff Harman of Missouri Wind and Solar. He continually scams up lame brained ideas on how to screw over a competitor. Why? Because he is afraid the competitors products are better than his.

They usually are. It's just like people that expose his poor products and fraud. He sues them to shut them up.

My response to this entire posing is SHUT UP JEFF AND GROW UP.


A San Diego colleague informed us about this post. This is the way Jeff (in MO.) drums up buisness for himself by attacking others' products in attempts of making them look bad.

He's attacked EVERY rival company on the web. So First might I defend Extremewind by saying HDPE is not drain pipe. It's United Nations Certified Indestructible Material for a reason. Jeff has no clue what it is and no livestock were killed, which is comical, because Jeff wrote these in one of his usual drunken stupors.

Secondly they were tested in the San Diego Wind Tunnel, not a hillbilly wind tunnel in MO. They even outperformed aeronautical engineer's designs, let alone Craptors™. A patent is now pending on Extreme Blades.

You simply don't see that with an ingrates' imported wanna-be 'lawn chair plastic' blades. The US Navy has already started using the commercialized version of


This is Captain Black of the US Navy

Your wind turbine That you submitted to us for testing will not be used on any of our Naval Ships.

Reason / you cannot patent sewer pipe on a wind turbine.

Safety / we do not believe that your wind turbine will hold up under any battle conditions.

Bottom line is we do not feel that a wind turbine made from sewer pipe and a modified Delco alternator would suit our needs for alternative power on our battle ships and it just looks funny.


Like was said before "drunken stupor"

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Most of these false reports was done by Tony Jones Hurricane Wind Power Roanoke Virginia He is a small competitor of ours. He has never purchased any solar panels from us or Wind turbines. Missouri Wind and Solar will be filing a lawsuit against Anthony Jones and his...
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I am a consumer, I have experienced your lies false advertising and harassment

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