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I have always liked hulu, even though I use the free subscription. One thing I like about hulu over netflix is the info and comments on hulu. Netflix I spit the cost with a roomie. I have been wanting to subscribe to hulu to watch some shows that are only with a paid subscription. But some things make me pause before I do go with a paid subscription. The paid subscriptions state commercial free- and yet I see peeps complain that is so very far from the truth- even with all paid levels- still have way to many commercials and not at the correct timing during what is being watched. Some shows are not current seasons. So why pay for commercials and not current shows? Well, some if the shows I want to watch are on paid subscription- ok, fine, I can deal with that. What's the deal breaker? One of the things I like is the comments, but hulu decided I CAN NOT COMMENT on videos unless I sign up with facebook? WTF? It didnt use to be this way. Who is paying who for this? Is FB paying hulu for taking away that option for those who dont want to have it connected through facebook if we comment? Why, why why hulu? I do not like facebook since the name issue came up. I found it rather a slap in the face- If i know someone who is monastic- and so does everyone else in the world- he is using the name peeps all over know him by. Bad call facebook. If someone has a stalker, that stalker can at times find that person on fb, even if under assumed name, and report them for not using their real name. Shame on you facebook. That is why I will no longer have anything to do with facebook. Anyway- Hulu- the deal breaker for me not opting for a pay subscription is due to the fact that if I choose to comment in the comments section- I have to log in through facebook, and pay for that privilege to go through facebook. Why did you change that policy for another site that should have nothing to do with your site. So I shall go to other means to watch stuff online and be able to comment without needing facebook. Yes, this site is making me use one hundred words to post, so I am very sorry if I sound like I am rambling- but facebook really *** me off, now Hulu is in bed with them so that what use to be what I liked about hulu is gone-poof. And no good response from Hulu as to why they did it. Yes, I read what all they said in the media- but my goodness- you are Hulu- not facebook.
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A lot of animes like 99 percent of anime on Hulu are subtitles, I would like to have more dubs

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