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All Binary Options are a Scam. You will only lose your Money

Bigoption #1052874
Yes I"m with binarybook & deposited some money 1 week ago but here"s a fault with certain features which causes loss of popuar trades.
When I entered a call (up) trade 2 days ago, it was the wrong price but didn"t know then, I saw to my horror that it jumped down in price instantly out of the money then later back up again. Then near expiry time, guess what, it was out of the money again, I was furious as this particular asset price (Boeing) has gone way up since then.
I have screenshots to prove it. I"ll complain on monday & if the won"t credit my money for the trade plus the winnings to my account, then I"ll demand all my money back and it they refuse I"ll do a chargeback on my credit card
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