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Chevrolet - Ogden Chevy -Westmont IL profiled me as deadbeat customer

On 12/27/07, I and my friend, Steve, go to Ogden Chevrolet in Westmont, IL to test drive their new 08 Malibu as part of a promotion where they give you a $50 gift card to Ditka's Restaurant just for test driving one of their cars. Well, we go there and are approached by a sales man named Dan. I said that we were both interested in looking at the new 08 Malibu and wanted to test drive one each separately according to the Ditka's promo. He said fine so me and Steve go ahead and test drive the Malibu with Dan, each of us, separately mind you, so we filled the requirement where we both listed to the guy's presentation and drove a vehicle on the open road. Once we finished, we got back to his office and complete the applications for the gift card promo according to the program guidelines. Remember that- I listened to Dan's sales presentation, did the test drive on a new Malibu, took some brochures and filled out the application form the SAME as my friend, Steve, did. NO different right? Well, here's where it gets interesting... For the next 6 weeks through Jan-Feb 08, Steve gets a slew of "Thank You" letters and even phone calls from Dan AND his $50 gift card while guessed it! I GOT NOTHING! Now, my friend Steve, is well off, wealthier than me and living in Darien, IL which is close to this dealership and anyone can run a demographics check to see the median home value there is well over 400K. Well, me on the other hand, I live in a rough and tumble poorer middle class neighborhood farther away in Chicago where well, the median home value is maybe 200K if that. Each of these things can be found by a person's zip code, address etc, it's called demographics data and what underhanded dealerships/stores use to selectively pick and choose what customers they believe can afford a car and make the payments based on where they live, zip code, etc similar to how insurance companies set your rates by where you live, how much crime is in that area, etc. Anyway, you get the picture... Well, I did not get any sort of follow up calls or my card so I got pissed bad and called the dealership on 2/9/08 and complained to their sales manager, Mark. He listened to my story even though I could tell he was running out of patience with my call. When I asked the question on why my friend, Steve, got follow up calls and the gift card after the test drive and I did not, Mark could not give me a straight answer. Instead, all I got was a condescending and pompous attitude like you are not worth my time and leave me alone. He said he was sorry for what happened and when I brought up the selective profiling issue he got angry and said none of his staff would do such an underhanded sales practice. He "promised" me my $50 Ditka's gift card as "compensation" for my troubles and aggravations amd that I would receive it shortly. Well, it's now 2/26/08 and guessed it again! Still NO card and guess what! Still NOT even a freakin' "I'm Sorry" follow up call or card in the mail. Kinda makes you wonder how when you are walking into a dealership/store that it's really you that the dirty sales man is "sizing up" for a potential sale and their "sales team" picks who they want to help based on demographic data you fill out once you're there! I don't expect any compensation for my aggravations at Ogden Chevrolet. Just my 2 cents worth to rant about how poorly I was treated and yeah, prejudged. PS- I would up buying a new 08 Toyota Camry this weekend when my sister cosigned the loan on the 5 yr lease (she owns her own company). Kinda surpising for a "poor middle class dude" from a bad Chicago neighborhood, huh? Signed... Joe
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your sister is an *** for co-signing a lease for you. you are both idiots for even doing a lease in the first place. I think I'll go directly to Ogden with my business after reading your post93


maybe they just wanted a free meal, but they didn't put out the phoney offer, now did they. I personally don't fall for that garbage, but if the offer is out there, it is put out there for the purpose of attracting people...

da, this all just lets prospective buyer like me know what kind of dealership they are.

And, I AM looking for a new chevy Avalanche, but now I am not going to go there, they may not like the way I look or dress and not give me the respect I deserve as a buyer. I buy a new chevy every year and think they should be kissing the customers feet for the business these day.


You had to get a co-signer for a car loan? Dude, you are a deadbeat :roll


It sounds like even the best laid plans can go astray.

Perhaps the car salesman thought it was payback time for 2 people that were really only interested in scamming the dealership out of 2 free meals.

Those that offer those type of promotions(such as time-share promoters) are well aware of the type of people that only respond for the supposed freebies, so I guess they feel what goes around,comes around.

Kind of ironic, isn't it?

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