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BEWARE OF DUNNING TOYOTA IN ANN ARBOR is my strong suggestion!

BEWARE OF DUNNING TOYOTA IN ANN ARBOR is my strong suggestion!
My wife's breaks were to be done at Dunning and they came back still grinding. Than they said they had to order a shim kit, which means they didn't use a shim kit with the new brakes, or they tried using the old shim kit instead of using a new kit with new breaks, or shouldn't need a shim kit to begin with and they just screwed that up. One of the three reasons. So they ordered a new shim kit, took the car back and installed that, car comes back, breaks still grinding. This dealership is totally incompetent and rude to their customers! They are all rude at Dunning. Feel free to hit me up on FB and I'll tell you all about the reasons not to use Dunning Toyota in Ann Arbor as my strong suggestion! They took the heatshield off my wife's truck without her permission, after arguing with us and giving us a difficult time, they agreed they would put a new heatshield on. They called us and said the truck was ready, and did not put a new heatshield on, instead rigged up the old one! Look at the picture of it posted on Yelp or many other similar sites! Can you even imagine that this would come out of a certified Toyota service department? The service manager James text this picture from his cell phone to me. They put screws and bolts to sandwich it back together!! They said the old one was bad.....,,but not to bad they could not rig back up and re use instead of putting a new one on as promised! Heat shields are mostly used to keep heat inside of cat so they can do their job and not used to protect surrounding items from heat generated from cat. With removing the heat shield they changed the efficiency of the cat and not able to meet EPA guidelines. Huge no no, These fines start at 25k. Show me the manufacture repair that states loose heat shields can be removed and disguarded. To replace the heatshield James the manager said they would also have to replace the catalytic converter as if you do one, you have to do both. Obviously that's fine with me it's their mistake. When James called me and told me the vehicle is done and that they rigged it up instead of putting on a brand-new one as told and promised, the reason was in his words "well it would be $1000 to replace the catalytic converter so we just went ahead and reused the old one and screwed on tight". Keep in mind this is not how Toyota installed the heatshield, and you would never expect to drive out of a certified Toyota dealership with the workmanship of more like a junkyard mechanic. They said our vehicle had 190,000 miles on it. I told them the amount of miles on the vehicle was not relevant to the fact that they still took the heatshield off of the vehicle without our permission or consent which is their problem not ours. Finally after putting me through *** they put a new on, but not after doing other horrible work to the vehicle which we will be willing to share with anybody! John Taylor is extremely unprofessional and rude to his customers in the most unacceptable Ways based on our experience! He spoke down to my wife and Yelled at my wife in front of a full room saying We are not welcome back at the dealership, pay the bill and get off the property, go to any other Toyota but we are not aloud to come back to his dealership! ......Because of their mistakes and dishonesty we are not aloud back, and my wife is degraded and embarrassed! John Taylor was passed to me by phone and Got extremely hostile with me over the phone. He would not let me say much, he was to busy bullying me over the phone. I felt like I was dealing with a mechanic in somebody's backyard, not in a Toyota certified dealership! He spoke to me as if he's some hotshot tough guy at a barbecue and not a business owner with respect and appreciation for the business and customers. Further more, during the same time frame my wife had her ignition changed there, and instead of matching the key to the new ignition to the doors, they made a completely separate key way , so now my wife has 2 keys like we live back in the 80s, one for the door and one for the ignition! They could have, and should have matched the keys, as three other Toyota dealerships told me, but they purposely did not! Would not have cost any different, even if it had, they never gave us the choice....guess it's my fault to assume they would match the key so only 1 key works the locks and the ignition! Very evil tactics. They said they would pay for the rental car while they had my wife's truck to deal with the heatshield issue, the key way and breaks....when it was all said and done and my wife was alone in the dealership to pick up the truck, John Taylor came out and totally degraded her and embarrassed her in front of a full room of people and said he would not pay for the rental car! I got on the phone with him and told him that he agreed to pay for the rental car which is the only reason we got it, and he said "Not my problem your problem! He had the nerve to say that we took advantage of a situation making them put a new heat shield on....absolutely unimaginable! He then went on to speak to her and me over the phone and a very aggressive manner and said that his loyalty is with his workers over his customers! My wife was embarrassed and degraded in front of everyone by John Taylor. I suggest he takes anger management classes if he can't control himself when he deals with the public. We have a truck with 2 keys instead of 1, the breaks STILL grind and we were scammed into paying for a rental car and went through *** to get them to put a new heat shield on instead of the rigged up one they put together against Toyota headquarters code of expectance. I spoke to the sales manager at a Certified Toyota dealer in Indiana and explained my experience and he could not wrap his head around this dealership and the level of poor workmanship. I was just a normal customer going in; how I came out is a reflection of how the dealership treated us! I will never stop sharing our horrible experience!! In my opinion and experience the Dunning family just does not care. They really don't. Almost everyone in the dealership (service DEPT!) Was rude. Beware of this dealership and John Taylor!
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