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Cancellation nightmare - stay away!

Onelife Fitness #1892807
I totally agree with hat you said about Onelife Fitness and ABC Financial. They make it impossible to cancel any services with them. Their employees have to be trained in lying and turning words around or totally by stepping your issue. I have cancelled this gym membership 3 times and paid for my 6 month personal training sessions even when I did not use them and they are still charging me. The manager is a flat out liar and oddly their regional manager doesn’t have a telephone and doesn’t respond to emails!! I have talked to several people our county and hope that our school system will stop supporting the joining of this place to our new teachers. Also in conversations with random people whenever this gym is brought up I hear the same type issues have taken place. This business is suppose to improve your health and well being not cause unnecesssry stress and bleed you dry!!
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