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You got to know what your getting your self into when buying dogs worth 2000-****, be well knowledge on everything about the breed, even spend time around one before buying then you will understand what you should be asking and expecting to see. When you buy a pup, instantly have it taken to your vet. Get health check up, if your shipping on then anything can happen, from other animal exposure, and each pup is different some get stressed more then others traveling. So as far as this kennel, do different then any other, everyone is doing this for a reason, and guidelines and rules must be followed. Nobody waste thousands of dollars on buying breeding genetics, to have bad reviews, and attempts to have the kennel shut down. General breeders, need a good reputation, so genetics, and performance in management are key to a good kennel. Either way when you want something, you have to always accept its your decision to buy.
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No I am not the breeder, been around these dogs over 20 years, including breeding. I bought 2 through this breeder 6 months apart.

And if you did read what I said, blus coat dogs have severe allergies, so even if he was given shots, the new owner would be knowledge enough to take the pup to the vet within 3 days of pick up. No skin condition would appear in less then 3 days, and a vet would have prevented that with the first visit. All I was saying if you spend 2000-**** grand on a show dog, dont buy one and not know what your getting your self into. Pup would have had pictures of weekly appearence, up to the point of pick up, or airport shipping.

If one sign of health issues was noted then speak with the breeder. It takes a month for mange to become that bad, so I am only taking the side of people who spend money wisely on investments they understand are to the level of understanding. A blue coat pup is the most hypo allergenic dog trait out there, all mine over the years required special diets to keep allergies controlled, if not there in the vets, with cones. Plan and simple its genetic trait.

Everybody wants a Ferrari , but nobody wants to understand its not a kids toy, its a show car, buy beware, and I buy from many different kennels across the usa, and import to my country. So not to be disrespectful to the family or the pup, when you buy a dog get the health records, and in 3 days your vet can solve any issue before they evolve to that condition


I'm guessing this is the breeder in question.

I doubt these people spent the kind of money these dogs cost, then were willing to spent so much in the care after the fact, but didn't get the dog to the vet upon arrival.

Doesn't make sense. Doubt they would be complaining if the breeder (you I suspect ) had done something to make it right.

Honestly for the kind of money these dogs cost, the pup should have seen the vet at least 3 times before shipping.

At least for 1st and 2nd shots, and the day before shipping should be procedure. Otherwise the breeder runs a puppymill.

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