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Greentree Servicing - Very Unprofessional business ethics

As a contractor -I was called by a lady to take care of her carpets that had been damaged do to a damaged roof. Upon first look my suggestion was to replace the carpet -but told her i would do what i could with them to see if they could be salvaged. Long story short about three hours later she was extremely happy. At this point in time -my thoughts were this is great -happy customer -also saved the green tree the expense of replacing the carpet . Here is where things went south. Upon customer request- I faxed a copy of the work invoice as well as a w-9 to greentree on a satuday aug 29 and called the following week to verify that they had received the info. They confirmed that the invoice and w-9 were received and that payment would be processed and mailed out on sept 11 2015.Come to find out the paper work never got processed and no check was cut or mailed Well today is the 23rd and having not received the check yet- I contacted green tree this morning only to find out that my info was never processed- the claim has been closed -and the customer was mailed the check which by the way has already been cashed and more than likely spent. Their song and dance was that sometimes it takes up to 15 days to process invoices and by the time it was going to be processed the claim had been closed and a check already sent out to the customer. What happened to accountability ?????? Total negligence on their behalf. All I got was we are sorry -you will have to contact the customer to get your money-and if you want to talk to a supervisor-good luck on that happening-fill free to leave a voice mail and don't hold your breath waiting to get a reply. As a business owner I feel I did everything right-and as for green tree -I hold them fully responsible for dropping the ball-if it takes you more than a few days to process your invoices duuuuuhhhh you might want to consider hiring some help !!!! And a good reputable business -if they make a mistake or error-they make things right instead of passing the buck to someone else. So to sum it all up- the customer got taken care of -saved green tree thousands of dollars-green tree dropped the ball -did not do as promised-and now i am having to chase down money for work that was done almost a month ago and am having to make a trip out of town today to ensure payment -also had to discount my work so customer could afford to pay me . Thanks a lot green tree for nothing but a big ole headache!!! Hope this review serves as a warning to other contractors before take on work where as this company is responsible for paying you
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Cove City, North Carolina
  • Did not take responsibility for their neglagence
  • Rude and abrupt
  • Unfair business practices
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did not deliver what was promised