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I'm so tired of people complain about Vista OS, all I here is "it don’t work with my software" 1st of all it is not Microsoft job to contend for your software and the hundred of thousands of different types, 2nd of all you need to do is go to THE COMPANY's website that MADE your soft wear and get the DRIVER update, its the same thing that you had to do when you with XP. I’m so tired of people complain that it needs lots of ram well let me tell you something 2gb ram gives you a better running system if it was on XP or Vista I don’t hear people complain that there Operating system is to slow...I can go on and on about how vista make your life easier but no ones wants to listen if you want to keep dealing with that mega drop box effect in XP go ahead, if you want to keep dealing with seeing that hour glass all the dam time with XP go ahead I'm telling every one I spent 4,000 on 3 computers2 laptops 1 desktop why does my VISTA Premium work and my buddy CPU downstairs doesn’t? Cause I got a good "BASIC" CPU I don’t do anymore than anybody else but I know I got a 3 GOOD pc, I don’t deal with going to internet and running another program, leaving my chair then coming back to see if it running because it locked up 6min ago and its playing catch up. For all of yall that think yall can get a GOOD laptop for 499.99 I laugh at you will get what you pay for I promise. I'll finish this with nextime some guy's trying to tell you something about a CPU that works on them listen cause comsumers write reviews out of anger because they had to spend 200.00 dollars more on a GOOD computer...Here is a paper I found I hope it helps How to buy the perfect PC With all the types of CPU’s out there trying to buy a good long lasting computer can be a bit difficult, Especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. The object of the paper is to give you knowledge on what to look for. First you have to determine what type of person you are and that will determine what type of CPU you will need. There are 3 types of computers out there Gamers (high end systems), Professional (Mid range Systems) and home/ student (low end). The reason for this is you have 3 different price points. Gaming CPU starts about 5400.00, Pro CPU about 2500.00, and home CPU run about 1500.00-1000.00. These prices come with everything as far as software, antivirus and warranties with accidental damage. “No Computer comes with Preinstalled software is not part of a Computer HP, Toshiba, or Dell none of them’’. This is to make you understand that a 600.00 dollar CPU does not have those things included. A good rule to go by is ‘’things bought after always cost more than at time of purchase’’. With everything that was said we are going to use home desktops as the example for all of them. Home Pc have 10 major focus points to look for and discuss. The 1st one I will bring to your attention is the Processor chip. There are 2 different company’s Intel and AMD don’t get bent on name brands when it really comes down to it if you took the label off and said do what you normally do you couldn’t tell the difference. What the processor does is it calculates what you have open, basically if you have three things open your processor is calculating that they running. When deciding on a processor all you need to know is if it doesn’t say Dual Core of some kind it is out dated out the box if you don’t buy a dual core you will be buying a 10 year old processor. Next we will talk about “R.A.M” (Random Access Memory) Ram say’s how fast your computer is running programs. RAM goes as fallowed 128, 256, to 512, two 512’s equal 1 GB. The higher the number the better, 1 GB should be the minimal that you should purchase. After that we talk about the Operating System (Windows XP/Vista Premium). The Operating System is how you navigate your computer. It is not Microsoft Office. Hard drive is the next subject, Hard drives is where you save every thing Document, music, photos thing of that nature. The most that you will need is 150GB. More than that is indulging. Going into the next part we talk about CD and DVD burners (Optical Drives). You will want both types not because you’re burning DVD movies but DVD’s hold more space than a CD an example would be if you wanted to save 1000 photos it would take 8 CD’s but only 1 DVD. My next suggestion is for a Graphics/Video card and the 1st thing you’ll say is “I don’t game’’. Well to clear the air, your operating System requires some kind of graphics card. A 128 should be a nuff for the graphic based operating system. Now we will bring software to the table Microsoft Office, word, excel, and PowerPoint as well as antivirus. Microsoft office is how you type up documents, do spread sheets and presentations. Antivirus protects you CPU against viruses, make sure you understand antivirus is a subscription not you buy it one time and it’s yours. If you see updates appearing on your computer do it, they are trying to protect you against a virus. Finally, we will discuss Warranty/Accidental damage there is a difference, warranty says if the manufactory broke your computer then yes they fix the CPU but if you broke your CPU you get no support and that’s were accidental damage comes to play. To put it simply if you just got a new car then 6 months down the road your in a car wreck do you call your 100,000 5 year warrant or your insurance? So it is a good idea to have both but if someone try’s to sale you just the warranty, don’t do it. With every thing that was said I hope this brings some kind of insight for your next computer purchase.
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judging by of the spelling and grammar errors in your review, you must have written this on a vista computer with office 2008


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