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LW Flooring #1032939

This serves as a response to the homeowner, Mr. Justin Campo.
On June 9, 2015 LW Flooring received email communication from a member of Prosource of Pinellas regarding claims of “tapping” and “delaminating” of recently installed 3/8” Engineered flooring.
Communication continued between an LW Flooring representative and the member of Prosource which resulted in Prosource requesting an inspection to be scheduled by LW Flooring. The request was processed immediately by LW Flooring and the inspection was scheduled to take place on 6/16/15.
The first inspection concluded in no evidence of delamination of planks and no manufacturing related concerns indicated in either the wood or the adhesive. The findings of the report also mention discovery of several hollow spots throughout the floor which are suggested to be a result of an unlevel subfloor. Upon receiving the first inspection report, the homeowner's installer scheduled a second inspection. It is worth mentioning that LW Flooring has received inadequate report information in the past from the individual who performed the second inspection. The second report clearly states no evidence of delamination yet still conclude
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Often when the homeowner is dissatisfied with the installation, they will go after the manufacturer who is never on site and therefore never able to defend the integrity of the material. That is why the independent inspectors examine the issues and submit a full report. It's laughable that a homeowner suddenly thinks they are a qualified installation expert. The flooring clearly was not properly installed. Anyone in the flooring industry can assess that based on the above information alone.