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Gematria Products- Don't Buy.

I DON´T RECOMMEND THESE SUPPLEMENT! After reading a review, I placed an order on June 16th for various Gematria Product supplements including their Flex JC and Amino Acid. Two weeks later I received my order. It was a partial shipment. A second package arrived 3 days later. Didn't seem cost effective but ok, I got everything. The next morning wanting to start my new health regiment I opened the Aminos only to find the product contaminated with rodent dropping. I was disgusted. I couldn't bear to open another bottle afraid of what I might find. I went online and immediately sent an email to the company explaining the problem. I also attempted to call but was only able to leave a voice mail. I tried to contact on numerous occasions over the next few days but once again my emails and calls went unanswered. Having spent over $250 on their supplements I was upset (livid) that neither calls or emails were returned. What was I to do? In mid July I finally received an email from a Gematria Products apologizing for any incovenience asking me to send the tainted product back to them. I returned the contaminated bottle along with all other unopen supplements and a letter requesting my money back. I also sent an email requesting a refund. The next day I received an email saying a credit for $287.73 would be applied to my account for future purchases. I immediately replied and left another voice mail stating, "There were rat dropping in my their supplements I don't want future purchases!" These message went unanswered. I am still out of pocket nearly $300 dollar but I can say that I am healthier having not taken Gematria Product Supplements. Warning: Gematria Products are also sold under the guise of QI Research. It should be noted there is no independent scientific research proving QI Research or Gematria Products claims that their products are enhanced due to laser infusion as they claim.
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Misleading. Very disappointed in this brand.

Ok, so I was asking for a miracle but feel like I was totally hoodwinked by the promotion of the product. My results were very negative and adverse, nothing like the promises made. Yes, I know there is a disclaimer and that these products aren't under the supervision of the FDA but totally misleading the buying public is purchasing their supplements based on *** is deceptive.

How can a Doctor with supposedly such high credentials deceive his "patients?" I warn all, all to stay away. The supplements offered are no more than a scheme.


I placed an order off of their website on June 28th in the amount of $285. I still have not received my order weeks later.

I've tried to contact them four times with no response.To late to get money back. Don't fall victim.


I found Gematria Weight Mastery Supplement kit to be a total waste of time and money. Stay away, very far away. I wish I would have seen reviews before tried.


Gematria productos son engañosos . No hacen lo que dicen .

No he podido volver malos suplementos. Dr.

Todd , como se le llama , no es un buen hombre. Él es un líder de la secta y su trabajo se basa en mentiras.


I received bad products.


My dog died because of this Gematria Products pet supplement.


Avoid, avoid, avoid. Poor customer service.

Inadequate results. Rodent ***!

Down right disgusting!

In 2011 the U.S. Food and Drug Administrationhas found Gematria Products had violate numerous manufacturing rules having struggled to meet basic manufacturing standards, from verifying the identity of the ingredients that go into their products to inspecting finished batches of supplements.

Seems to me like they still have these issues.

I'm surprised they are still open!

The inspection reports portray an industry struggling to meet basic manufacturing standards, from verifying the identity of the ingredients that go into its products to inspecting finished batches of supplements.


In November I ordered Gematria supplements for my mother-in-law. They were recommended by a friend.

It is April now and she still hasn't received her order. I have called and emailed Gematria Products Inc but have not gotten a reply. I am now trying to get Wells Fargo to credit my account.

Disappointed. Cathrine Beecham


In August I received Gematria Products contaminated with rodent ***. So much for quality control.

My calls and emails remain unanswered.

I have gone a step futher and reported them to the FDA. You should report them as well.

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