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Greentree Servicing - Extortion

I've gotten behind a few time because of a personal injury (documented), but I've always caught back up in full. Yet the very next month they have added fees such as "insurance" or "additional cost" any where from $250 to $1200. They either can't explain why or they tell us that it was for lawyer fee's? We never even gone to court! They threatned us a few times by saying they sold our house to a private buyer and we can only get out of by paying these fee's again without going to court. Now they tell me Im 6K + in the hole because of their extra "fee's". On top of that they charge me $100 dollars a day for late fee's. They even call relatives who have nothing to do with our house. One time they sent a rep. by who after being 30 days behind and in front of my 7yr son threatned my husband (my son was in tears by the time I got home). They use extortion practices and if it wasn't for this bad economy I would get out from under them. They suck!!!!
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Yes jdeg762 they do, and God as my witness, I will find a way to make it known to the government their unlawful and unethical practices.


Well thank you jdeg762 for confirming that you do perform these horrific acts.


So far I've dealt with okay people at GT. One person was an *** and didn't want to answer questions I had about a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure.

We've been trying to sell our home for two years without success. I think our park manager may be making it difficult. I get the feeling she's not really helping us sell because we're good tenants.

We pay our mortgage on time, but after reading these comments GT is a predatory lender. They're making money on interest only loans that cannot ever be fully repaid. That's why the principle is not going down each month because interest-only loans are NEVER paid off. That's the scam part of all of this. GT says they'll accept the deed-in-lieu of foreclosure but still expects repayment. They cannot legally have it both ways. It's one or the other.

We have to get legal advice to find out how to break the agreement and minimize damage to our credit. I expect GT will engage in the same extortion tactics with us that they've done with others on this site. I have and continue to make timely payments, but because we can't sell our place we'll have to look at foreclosing. They can have the house.


I suggest you read your contract. GT is not charging you $100 per day.

There are state laws limiting the amount of late fees that can be charged. If you don't want your relatives called, pay your bills....ON TIME. Do you even know what extortion is? It is not extortion when you SIGNED A CONTRACT TO PAY BACK A LOAN and the company is trying to collect it back from you because you don't send it in when you are supposed to.

I work for GT. You are full of ***.

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