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Norwegian Air Shuttle Asa - The trip to *** by Norwegian Airlines

We are artists and were invited to an art symposium by Austevoll Kunstforening from August 9-16. We decided to spend two days in Madrid prior to this to go to the museums and for inspiration before painting from the Norwegian landscape. We got to Madrid right on schedule. Even with the jetlag we had a wonderful two days prowling the Prado and drawing from paintings by the great Spanish masters. Then we had booked our flight from Madrid to Bergen with Norwegian. This was the biggest mistake ever. Our flight DY5405 was supposed to leave at 8:00 in the morning on August 7, so we got up at 4 am after sleeping 4 hours, still jetlagged and on NY time and left the hotel at 5 am to arrive two hours early at the airport. We were in line and ready to check in by 6 am. Along with a full flight of people we sat and watched all the people going to Hamburg at the same time with no trouble checking in, but no one arrived to the check in counter for our London flight. There was no information given at any time and no person present at the Norwegian desks would even speak to us passengers waiting to check in for the London flight. The people checking in the Hamburg flight would only say that they were not representatives for Norwegian and could not help us. As we sat wondering aloud with other London- bound passengers on line what was going on, our scheduled departure time came and went. Finally we went to the Swissport counter to proactively check with the representative there and were finally informed by a seemingly irritated representative that there was no flight though she said she could not provide any information whatsoever as to why. We had pretty much figured that out by now, but hoped for some information on what would be our next step. This lady who by the way is not a representative for Norwegian said we would have to call Norwegian to have our continuing flight to Bergen changed as we had obviously missed it. So we waited for another customer ahead of us in line to get off the phone and then we called Norwegian. The Norwegian representative on the telephone said that we were confirmed on a flight to Bergen the following morning. We asked her about hotel arrangements for our newly scheduled London layover and she said, just a minute and then hung up. We went back to the check in counter where finally a Norwegian representative had arrived and got boarding passes for a flight to London at 00.50 am (12.50). This Norwegian rep would offer no information about why our flight had been cancelled. He offered to check our bags then but anticipating trouble, we opted to keep our bags until we came back to check in for the rescheduled flight. The Norwegian representative offered a complimentary hotel stay in Madrid at that time and said there was a bus that was supposed to take us there. But the representative couldn’t tell us where the bus was or provide any other information about how we should find it. Therefore it was completely unclear where the bus was leaving from, what it looked like or where the hotel was. So we gave up looking for the bus and took a taxi back to the Hotel Paseo del Arte in the city for the day. Luckily they were completely accommodating and understanding and really took great care of us. Thankfully - because we were absolutely exhausted after only 4 hours sleep combined with jetlag, plus completely baffled by the lack of professionalism on the part of Norwegian airlines. At 10 pm (22.00) we took a taxi back to the airport and got on line again. This time we got our luggage checked in and got to the gate. Then time got close to boarding time and then passed. Again, no one from Norwegian Airlines or on behalf of Norwegian Airlines appeared at the boarding counter and again there were no announcements and no information. So again, we and our fellow flight of passengers (including elderly people, one woman in a wheelchair, and many young children) were left in a completely helpless situation waiting for hours as our intended flight time came and went. Finally, well past 1:30 am an airport representative arrived to say only in Spanish that they were trying to reach someone from Norwegian to find out what was going on. It was now 20 hours since we first got up to catch this flight to London. Luckily one of the other passengers was able to translate for the English speaking passengers. Another hour passed as we all waited anxiously before an airport representative finally returned to inform us that there was an incoming flight that would take us to London. At 2:30 am we were finally able to board a plane with a seemingly exhausted and irritated crew. The captain of the flight then came on the intercom apologizing on behalf of Norwegian Airlines for our horrendous day and saying that “We’re all very tired too and have flown here from Oslo in our spare time to take you all back to London.” We found his statement to be an offensive insult to injury – as though he was some sort of hero who had come to rescue us in his spare time. We arrived in London at 4 am that morning. Of course there was no one there to help us with the London layover hotel room that had been assured by the person at the counter in Spain or any other information regarding the next leg of our trip to Bergen, Norway. The representative at the Norwegian counter informed us that “I do not work for Norwegian. I’m sorry, but I can’t help you. You’ll have to speak to the person at the airport information counter.” So we asked, “Can we please speak to your supervisor?” She took us to another rep at the Norwegian counter who repeated the first person’s sentiment, “I’m sorry but I can’t help you. You’ll have to speak to the person at the airport information counter.” After waiting 45 minutes in line at the airport information counter, where we witnessed passenger after passenger struggling for assistance with a very irritated airport information rep, we finally had our turn at the counter. The airport information rep phoned Norwegian on our behalf to ask about the hotel room we had been promised by the Norwegian rep in Spain. We stood listening, Airport information rep: “I have two Norwegian Airlines passengers here from Madrid who say that they were promised a hotel room during their London layover. Can you please help?” Then silence as she sat looking up at us and listening to the person on the other end. “Well, their next flight is in four hours. They want to rest a little and freshen up. They look completely exhausted.” Silence as she listens. And then, “Okay.” Then she hung up the phone and said to us, “I’m sorry. There’s nothing I can do. You’ll have to find a place to wait in the airport.” And that was that. So without any other direction, we lay down on an airport bench and tried to sleep. After about 15 minutes someone who worked for Gatwick Airport came and rudely said “You can’t sleep here. You need to exit the airport and check back in, find your gate and wait there.” So beyond exhausted, sweaty, frustrated, and delirious we drag ourselves through the airport, security check and get to the check in counter again for Norwegian. We ask for claim forms and for the hotel we were promised. They say they are not representatives for Norwegian and can’t help us. Finally the flight to Bergen is announced. It ends up being 30 min late, but we get there at noon on Aug 8., about 22 hours later than planned. Of course, our luggage is lost. It is now 24 hours after we arrived in Bergen. I have called the number on the papers we got from the lady at the counter at the lost luggage counter 20 times and every time it goes to voice mail. I have left many messages as well. I finally get to a place where I can check online and I see that our luggage is not even located. 24 hours later, it is still reported as missing. If it is still in Madrid or in London or where it might be we have no idea. We have not heard from anyone. We had to buy new toiletries and some clothing for both of us, not sure if we will ever get a hold of anyone to get any money back from any of this. And we mean - the extra food, taxis, clothing etc. We have tried to call every phone number on the Norwegian website, but we have not been able to reach anyone. Tomorrow we are supposed to start painting at the kunst symposium, but it will be hard to do without paint, paper, canvas, brushes, painting clothes etc. This is all on our lost luggage. Next Saturday, we are supposed to attend a reception in Bergen where the paintings that we’re supposed to make over the 6 days we have to paint here are supposed to be displayed. Even the Mayor of Austevoll is going to be there. We’re already a day and a half into our 6 days and we still have no idea where our stuff is and have not been able to reach anyone from Norwegian for assistance. The whole situation is absolutely unbelievable ridiculous. Neither of us have felt more helpless and met more of a F-U attitude by any company ever – and we live in NYC!
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