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USAA - Homeowners claim complaint

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Update by user Jan 04, 2021

Update was posted in the comments below. This is still not resolved despite the USAA adjuster admitting under oath it was water damage.

Update by user Sep 05, 2020

New information has come to light. In my video I speak of how it said vehicle loss after further investigation we have found out the following: 1.

When we initially made our claim we where given a claim number to reference for everything with the claim. 2. Mrs. Massanet was not licensed and did not get her License until End of July 2018 nearly 5 months after she took our claim.

3. She was training for the vehicle department 4. We knew we reported the water damage , but what happened to the photos and information showing we did? 5.

ANSWER : Usaa somewhere along the way changed our claim number because it was filed incorrectly as a vehicle loss when it was a homeowners loss. The information showing the truth was in the vehicle department with the other claim number. Usaa also failed to tell us they issued a new claim number on the claim due to their mistake. Allowing someone in training or brand new to answer phones in Catastrophic events and take claims should be illegal and the company should face some type of charges for this kind of behavior.

My family has been tortured, and have suffered greatly over this.

Plus to cover up!! Where is the honesty in that?!?

Update by user Aug 02, 2020

Still have not heard from USAA at all to resolve this issue. Their commercials say they care but far from it.

I have also met more new people going through similar situations with USAA. Legitimate claims not being paid!

I did do my video with pissed consumers and that should be posted soon. This kind of treatment has to stop.

Original review posted by user Jul 01, 2020
We have been handling a USAA homeowners claim since March 2018 during horrible storms in Maryland in which our policy was issued and delivered in the state of Texas. USAA paid for our roof to be repaired but not our gutters,siding, fireplace caps. We also reported water leaking into the interior of our home. No help from USAA then they covered up we ever reported anything but the roof. Went to a hearing after a complaint was made, and then they admitted to us reporting all but water damage. Turns out an unlicensed adjuster took our claim she was learning the auto department and listed our homeowners claim as a vehicle/ property claim instead of a homeowner claim for wind, rain and hail with a secondary storm of snow and ice. The evidence to show we initially reported water damage was in her vehicle claims log notes. They admitted to finding it but said it was a USAA work product and we couldnt have the proof for our records. They then change the water damage estimate to a mold estimate saying mold was in the air. We get the air tested no mold USAA claims they never received the document but then produce it as an exhibit in the hearing. It was clearly marked control on one and living room etc on the others. USAA took the outside air and tried to pass it off as our inside air. So when that trick didn't work they tried to site failure to mitigate the property again showed evidence to their own adjusters claim log saying it was clear we mitigated the property but did not do mold remediation. Well that's because we had no mold. Then try failure to allow them to investigate saying we wouldn't allow the adjuster in our home. Adjuster writes back clarifying he did the outdoor inspection of the roof with our contractor and no interior inspection was done because no interior water damage had been reported to him. He was there for the roof and came from Texas he also told them a local adjuster would need to come out to inspect the interior who knew the permit laws in the state. (We reported the water damage to USAA and were told this adjuster was for the roof he scheduled everything with our roofing contractor not us) USAA again says their adjusters know their protocol, and they know to do an interior inspection of the attic area during roof inspections. The adjuster never asked to enter or do an inspection but also came with no equipment and had to borrow everything from our contractor. He never told our contractor he needed to look indoors or do an inspection indoors. We were also told we didn't have to be home for this inspection. Adjuster admitted to All this as well and put it in writing again for the desk adjuster. The desk adjuster in the claims log wrote there was no need to send a local adjuster they were just trying to get clarification. Contractor for interior tries to meet with adjuster told no need send pictures. We fight for an adjuster to come look again another sent from Texas, and he says no mold water damage. Tells them to send a large loss or general adjuster from the area again Usaa said not needed. Finally, after a year and over 6 more request for a local adjuster we get one to come out. He had no idea why he was at our home but ,did state no visible mold is in the home. He told us USAA just sent him out but explained nothing of the situation to him, just he was to meet us and the contractor. He wrote in his report there was no visible mold in the home. 2.5 years now and with all the evidence in writing or documents no hearsay we are still no closer to getting back home. You truly can't make this stuff up. There are many of us out here with the same situation all fighting for USAA to make it right and pay for the damages we are covered for but seems costumers are no longer their priority the dollar is, and they can always get new customers. To anyone else fighting the same battle know you are not alone. We will keep fighting to have our voices heard and our home fixed, so we can return and our 2 sweet dogs can run and play on their land again. One more thing when I said they paid for our roof they never finished paying the contractor the second half approx.19,500 they are still waiting on. It. We will continue to fight for a news station to do our story and bring attention to the way they have treated us and others. Member for over 20 years family members have been members 40 + years and all will be dropping them after the way we have been treated. Thank you for taking the time to read our review I hope it can help someone who may think USAA is the place to get insurance from.

User's recommendation: Run Away as fast as you can.

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Update on our claim. We found out USAA changed the first claim number to be a food spoilage claim for 2017 , then nulled it out completely.

When they made the new claim number their times do not match up with the actual time the claim was made. They also admitted under oath that the estimate they labeled as mold should have been water damage. So they moved on to saying I would not allow for proper investigation and gutted the home. Now , what is interesting about that is two adjusters we had to request for multiple times to come to our property took photos in which their own adjuster photos show everything still intact.

The pictures also clearly show the water damage. So now it has moved on to more of their excuses. Reality is we had no mold, labs showed no mold, adjusters have said no visible mold and their adjuster is the one who keeps saying it’s because of mold in the air. Mold in the air is all around us everyday.

There are also no federal guidelines to mold in the air. Inside my home showed no mold on the labs , but of course the outdoor would be high but that is the control and has nothing to do with the inside of our home.

For an adjuster who has worked thousands of claims for 13 years with USAA ( this was under oath) she should know how to read labs and know the difference between something clearly labeled control, and something labeled living room. Instead of fixing their mistake even after admitting it they continue to make us fight them as our home sits, and we continue to be tortured in this nightmare.


First, I'm sorry to hear about the ordeal that you have gone through; and are still going through. No one should have to deal with something like that, especially when you have paid your insurance premiums!

Thank you very much for taking the time to post this! I began to check into USAA after having a auto insurance bill rise from $186 per month to a one time bill for November 1rst of $410. This is because of buying another vehicle in September! Now this is the reason for the high bill: They made the coverage retroactive back to June of this year.

I explained that you can't charge for coverage of a new car when the new car was bought three months later. Hey that's enough for me to begin the search for a new company. What I've observed is that these companies such as USAA that say they "serve the military and those who have served" are actually companies who leech off of those who have served. This makes it even more disgusting.

Needless to say I will be cancelling my homeowners and auto insurance with these clowns. Not just because of your story but because of personally what I got a prelude to if I ever have to file a claim. My experience was a bad omen; your experience was the writing on the wall in other words.

Thanks again for posting. Although you can never be compensated for the loss of your pets, I at least hope you get compensated double for your material loss.

@Annika Ldl

So glad my review was able to help someone . I want not only for them to have to fix our home, but I want to make sure I can do whatever I can to make sure this never happens to anyone else.

I noticed on the banking side they did an investigation and 600 violations where found and they got an F. There is a big news article about it out. They have also changed to a Fortune 500 company now. What they have done to my family should have never happen to anyone.

Their complete failure to investigate to see what happened ,and take responsibility for their adjusters and the decisions they make has left my family suffering and continuing to suffer while yet again another holiday season is upon us. I urge you to investigate any insurance company you go to. Look with your local Insurance Administration they do reports on each company and how many complaints they have. You can also look on, ,, policyholders of America.

I am so grateful that I have been given an opportunity to also work with some local senators to help in creating a Bill so that this never happens to anyone else. Changes need to be made when it comes to how insurance companies get away with things like this and how long people have to wait for Justice while the insurance companies profit by drawing it out as long as they can before they pay. The other good news is we do finally have a jury trial coming up in August of 2021.

I can’t believe we have to wait so long , but if it goes that far at least it will bring light to our story and the unbelievable behavior of USAA. Always try to find the positive in horrible situations even when it feels like torture.


Everything this lady is saying lines up exactly to problems i have experienced from usaa as well


Two sides to every story and I would love to hear the other side.


Of course you would because you can’t always believe the truth


Asking for a full unbiased revelation is not deserving of criticism.


I would absolutely love to show you the other side. I have the transcripts and I have proof of everything I have nothing to hide.

Any good reporter or investigator would hear both sides of the story.

Each side will always defend itself , which is why in the video I showed evidence. Evidence speaks for itself and I have a ton of it.


Please help this lady this is terrible. Amazing they are supposed to be a reputable business and claim so many positive things on tv ads but this certainly doesn’t reflect that at all!!! I’m cancelling my policy now


Yes we have found how deaf the adjusters and senior staff. We have been fighting for our claim to be paid for 21 months since a wildfire which was completely out of our control.

The BS and lack of actually doing their jobs.

Info submitted and never reviewed. Unbelievable how must money has been wasted by the lazy Adjuster Lashonda.

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